Sunday, 31 August 2014

Afrikaans Lesson

Well, not just Afrikaans, but this was just the last in a line of several lessons in vernacular I've received this weekend. I've told you about my weakness for Superbuzzer before, and although the game usually restricts me to just a handful each day, I enjoy these usually. The game suffers from some defects, not the least being that even though players are encouraged to contribute questions, the same ones do tend to recur. This leads onto the main point of this post, which I will get to shortly. Another drawback is that the checking of these questions, if indeed there is any, leaves quite a lot to be desired. One of my favourites yesterday was the suggestion that the Greenwich Meridian somehow manages to pass through Norway and Russia.

Well, as I say, if you play regularly the questions tend to recur, and for a certain type of person, once a question has recurred a couple of times, well, not only will you remember it, you'll remember it from the first few words. In a game in which speed of reaction is so important, you'll understand that this can have a huge effect on the game's outcome.

Unfortunately, some players either don't understand or can't accept this. As a result, if you start to win on a regular basis, you are going to either be called a cheat, or to be told to go and do things to yourself which would require both a very supple body and a very broad mind. In several different languages. The last player I played today had a little South African flag next to his avatar, and when I defeated him in the final round he favoured me with a couple of words of Afrikaans. Being of a naturally inquisitive nature, I used google to translate it. With respect to all readers, especially those in South Africa, I shan't repirnt them here.

I'm not having a go specifically at South Africa or the good people there of, since I've been requested to do similar things by a range of people in a range of different places across the world, it just so happened that it was Afrikaans today. But I mean, come on! Get a grip. Not for the first time, I reflected on these sage words, once uttered by my friend Rob Merrill,
"You can beat a man 10 – nil in a football match, during the course of which you have also insulted him and his family and inflicted physical pain upon his person, and he’ll often shake hands with you afterwards, and share a beer with you in the bar. However, if you make a man feel stupid in his own local. . . you're in trouble!" For local, read 'Facebook game, I suppose.


Angram said...

Hi David, long time lurker here making myself known at last! I've become hooked on Superbuzzer since you mentioned it here a few weeks ago (in fact I think we've "crossed swords"),and totally agree with your comments. The same sets of questions come up with monotonous regularity (if only I could always remember the answers...) and I've been accused of cheating several times, although how it would be possible to Google the answers in that time frame I don't know. Do you ever get "minor technical difficulties" or "no quizzes available" or is it just me? Regards, Angela

Londinius said...

Hi Angram

I'll definitely keep an eye out for you now - I'm sure you're right and we've duked it out before now.

No, it's not just you! At the moment I'm lukcy if it allows me two games before it tells me that no more games are available please come back later. Yeah, right!

Gavin Tillman said...

Haven't played but often played QuizUp, and again, questions do recur and you can answer them very quickly. Got a load of abusive PMs that I will either ignore or respond in kind, as the mood takes me!

Londinius said...

Hi Gavin - don't know that one - should maybe check it out.

Angram - typical - after the couple of games we played today I was chucked off again!

Gavin Tillman said...

QuizUp is an app on the iPhone and iPad. It should be coming to other platforms if it hasn't already. You and your opponent are matched up in a particular category and you both answer the same seven questions as quickly as possible. You can either challenge a friend or let the app pick an opponent.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

I'll second that recommendation for QuizUp, it's great - if you want a slightly more in-depth review I did one here several months ago. (Deleted/reposted to fix the HTML.)