Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Spanish postcard 2 -The Quiz

It`s been a long time since I last played in a quiz in Spain, and I find`t particularly enjoy that one, ruined as it was by a whole round of family fortunes nonsense. So I was trying very hard to keep a lid on my enthusiasm, in order to prepare for possible disappointment as Mary,my in laws and I revamped to a bar in Catral on Monday evening. The fact that the rounds of the quiz were interspersed with rounds of bingo did nothing to put my fears to rest, still, give it a fair crack of the whip and all that. Well, blow me, but what followed was a very decent quiz of the sort that most pubs could be proud of. There were multiples, such as - name the five cities in the world whose names end in the letter a, which have the largest populations. There were genuine old quiz chestnuts, such as - name the city which was home to the first Jewish ghetto. I could goon, but I`'ve no doubt you know the sort of thing I mean. All in all, it was the sort of quiz you are only going to win if you know stuff . . . or you cheat. In fact that was my biggest worry, there being a cash prize for the quiz and all, was that we might be beaten by Google, if you know what I mean. To be fair, though, there was no providence of any of that kind of skullduggery going on, and we took the dosh.
If you're of a similar vintage to myself, when I mention the name of a town or city called Cartegena, you`'ll maybe think of the old film, Romancing the Stone. Well, the Cartegena in that film wad in Colombia, and I`m afraid that the Clark holiday fund doesn't` quite stretch that far. This one is in Spain, not that far from Murcia. We drove down yesterday, and my in-laws had been keeping the Roman remains there a secret as a surprise for me. A wonderful surprise- although the amount of climbing up steep road s and steps did make it a toss up ad to which arrived first, the ruins or the heart attack. Nonetheless, a good quiz followed by tramp around some Roman remains - fantastic! What next - a win on the Spanish lottery? It could happen, although it would probably help if I bought a ticket first. Have a great weekend if I don`t post before.

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