Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Spanish postcard 3

A little bit of a disappointing day yesterday. In the morning we drove out to a town on the coast, called Guardamar, which had some very interesting castle walls sitting on a hill above the town.Unfortunately, having trudged my way to the top, I found that walls were pretty much all that remained.Oh well, there was a fabulous view out to sea as a compensation.

Right, the quiz.We were back to the quiz in Catral last night.Having won by a double figure margin last week I think my (non quizzer) in laws were pretty much expecting a walk over. I have to say that I`m glad that I took a bit of time to explain that this wasn't by any means a given, bearing in mind that we aren't regulars, and there's a decent cash prize. Well, I can't say that anything untoward went on, but although I thought we played really rather well, dropping nothing on GK,1 on sport, and 2 on music, funnily enough three teams all beat us scoring between 1 & 2 points more than us.Incidentally this had the effect of pushing us down into 4th, out of the prizes. Like I said, I have no other reason than the results to suggest that anything fishy went on, but, well, if it was kosher there`s an awful lot of quizzing talent hiding its light under a bushel in Catral.

Well,we fly home on Thursday, but then I have to drive straight off to Worthing for a family wedding, so I have to ask your patience for just a few days more. Have a good week.


Unknown said...

Cheating - you can't get away from it.

Londinius said...

Well, maybe, but I can't prove anything,WJ -well, nothing that would stand up in a court of law.Never mind, I quite enjoyed the evening.