Saturday, 23 August 2014

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1.Alex Pelling and Lisa Grant
2.Vanguard Healthcare
4.Vicky Beeching
5.Mahiedine Mekhissi Benabbad
6.Nouri Al Maliki
7.Shrien Dewani
8.Ron Long
10.Dani Pedrosa
11.James Alexander Gordon
12.Jonathan Tiernan-Locke
13.Max Verstappen
14.James Foley
15.Sakari Momoi
16.“John the Beatle”
17.Albert Reynolds
18.Malky Mackay
Cyril Baldock

In Other News

1.Which NHS hospital is facing a slew of legal claims after a large number of patients lost their sight following eye operations?
2.IN which country was Sir Cliff Richard when police made a search of his house in Berkshire?
3.The wife of the late Robin Williams revealed that he was suffering from the early stages of which disease?
4.Which were the most popular boy’s and girl’s names for babies born in 2013?
5.Which athlete won gold in the Men’s 400m in the European championships?
6.Which organisation’s new uniforms, unveiled last week, have been derided as ‘ugly’ and ‘tacky’
7.David Cameron called for an alliance with which country to tackle the threat of ISIS
8.It was announced last week that The Generation Game is to be revived by the BBC. Who was named as new host?
9.How many gold medals did GB win on the last day of the European Athletics championships?
10.Which team did England defeat in the final of the Women’s Rugby Union World Cup?
11.Who had his suspension by the Lib Dems lifted last week?
12.Who asked fans not to use iphones and cameras in her forthcoming concerts in Hammersmith Apollo?
13.Which writer accused social services of sexism last week?
14.The rebuilding of the chimneys of which iconic building began last week?
15.What was the score in the Arsenal v. Besiktas champions league match?
16.In which event did the British men’s swimming team break the world record last week?
17.With whom did Celtic draw 0 – 0 in the Champions League?
18.Which was voted Britain’s worst airport for the second year running?
19.Last week it was reported that the rise of which politician is to be made into a TV movie?
20.Mario Balotelli signed for which English club for £16 million?
21.Which club did Spurs defeat 2 -1 in their Europa League tie?
22.An EU report has identified which Scottish city as a Mafia stronghold?
23.Which group are to appear in the Archers?

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