Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Hall of Shame and The Court of Public Opinion

If you’ve listened to this week’s podcast – and don’t worry, there’s no penalty if you haven’t, it’s a free country – then you’ll know that I’ve introduced a new feature, called the Quiz Show Hall of Shame. In each one of these I’ll be looking back on a notable quiz show failure of years gone by. There are some quizzes which I have no qualms about putting straight into the Hall of Shame, still, in the podcast I invited listeners to post their nominations. I was surprised – although – delighted to get any quick response at all, and even more surprised when the first show nominated was Eggheads. This led me to come up with another idea. I cannot, in all conscience, put Eggheads into the Hall of Shame just like that, and so I’m going to include a feature entitled The Court of Public Opinion, where we take a quiz show, and consider its pros and cons, and the case for a place in the Hall of Shame – a bit like Room 101, I suppose. So if you have any nominations – however controversial they may be – then please feel free to post them here, or drop me a line at

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