Saturday, 30 November 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?
1. Ryan Crotty
2. Howard Foster
3. Aravindan Balakrishnan
4. John Darwin
5. Ian Watkins
6. Jade Rabbit
7. Richard Silverwood
8. Elizabetta and Francesca Grillo
9. Sonny Bill Williams
10. Popcorn and Caramel
11. Ross Brawn
12. Tom James
13. Chann Sankaren and Sanjey Ganeshan
14. Michael Chopra
15. Ison
16. Dean Mohareb
17. Nilon Santos

In Other News

1. What was the score in the rugby union test between Ireland and New Zealand?
2. Which company were accused on BBC TV last week of night shifts that could cause illness?
3. Which bank was accused of driving viable firms to collapse?
4. Which became the 1000th UK number 1 album?
5. What was the score between Man Utd. and Cardiff?
6. – and Spurs and Man City?
7. IN which round did Carl Froch win his world title fight against George Groves?
8. Who won the Brazilian GP?
9. Whom did Manny Pacquaio defeat last week?
10. What was the score in the rugby league world cup semi final between England and NZ?
11. – and Australia v Fiji?
12. Who was the latest celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing?
13. Whose bones were put on show to the public for the first time last week?
14. Which 48 year old former footballer revealed he has suffered from skin cancer?
15. What was the score in the rugby union test between Scotland and Australia?
16. Which Welsh rugby player made the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?
17. What will be Scotland’s currency if it becomes an independent country?
18. France announced it is sending troops to which African country?
19. Which celebrity was accused of having a daily cocaine habit?
20. A Uk diplomat had his bag forcibly opened at which border last week?
21. What creatures escaped from Colchester Zoo last week?
22. Which software pioneer was accused of stalking last week?
23. What was the Champions League score in the match between Arsenal and Marseilles?
24. – and Chelsea and Basel?
25. – and Celtic and Milan?
26. what is the new name of Warwickshire’s T20 side?
27. Who left the England Ashes tour for stress related reasons?
28. A crane damaged a world cup stadium in which city?
29. Who was expelled from the Italian senate last week?
30. What was the score between Man Utd and Bayer Leverkeusen?
31. – and Man City and Victoria Plsen?
32. Why was Melanie Sykes in the news last week?
33. – and Louis Vuitton?
34. According to Yahoo what was the UK’s top obsession in 2013?
35. Which footballer celebrated his 40th birthday?
36. Which TV action hero passed away aged 67?
37. What was the score between Spurs and Tromso?
38. – and Wigan and Zulte Wagerem?
39. – and Swansea and Valencia
40. Who tweeted the names of the women in the Ian Watkins case?
41. Which former England Rugby captain announced his retirement last week?
42. Which city was confirmed as the Grand D├ępart for the 2015 Tour de France?
43. In which city did the tragic helicopter crash take place?
44. 3 unpublished stories by whom were leaked online last week?

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