Friday, 1 November 2013

Answers to News Questions

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Jovanka Broz
2. Felix Dexter
3. Leonardo Dibrani
4. Alex Lowes
5. Tom Sykes
6. Maria
7. Sean Hardeley
8. Samuel Eto’o
9. Dean Acadmey, Forest of Dean
10. Frances Quinn
11. Noel Harrison
12. Gareth Hock
13. Richard Hughes
14. Hex Factor
15. Franz Peter Tebarz-Van Elst
16. St. Jude Storm
17. Sir Anthony Caro
18. Dmitri Galitzine
19. Mark de Rond and Anton Wright

20. Sasha and Atanas Rusev

In other news

1. Which building in Swansea has topped the list of the Victorian Society’s most endangered buildings list?
2. Which veteran film actor was made a fellow of the BFI last week?
3. Which island was struck by a miniature tornado last week?
4. what was the score in the rugby league match between England and Italy?
5. Which british rider became world champion in the Omnium at the world cycling championships?
6. Who was the third celebrity to leave Strictly?
7. Which Hurricane devastated the Atlantic coast of Mexico?
8. Whose reign as manager of Middlesbrough came to an end?
9. Which chef tweeted the winner of the Great British bake Off early – and got it wrong?
10. Who was asked to leave the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque last week?
11. Which teams are in England’s rugby league world cup group?
12. – and Scotland’s?
13. – and Wales’ ?
14. Which welsh international rugby player allegedly turned up to a training session in Bayonne the worse for wear for alcohol?
15. Who announced he is quitting his long running quiz show?
16. Who called for a one off energy windfall tax?
17. Which Asian country announced it will be enforcing sharia law from 2014?
18. Who paid Lord McAlpine a reported £15,000 over a tweet?
19. What was the score between Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund?
20. – and Celtic and Ajax?
21. – and Chelsea and Schalke?
22. What was the venue for the christening of Prince George of Cambridge?
23. The Vatican announced that it is forming its own team to play which sport? 24. Who said that Sir Alex Ferguson does not know the meaning of the word loyalty?
25. For what did Sir John Major publically apologise last week?
26. What was the score between Man Utd and Real Sociedad?
27. Russia have dropped charges of piracy against the crew of the Arctic Sunrise in favour of which charge?
28. Ian Holloway quit as manager of which club?
29. In which city will the 2014 Tour De France start?
30. What was the score between Man City and CSKA Moscow ?
31. Who is the new manager of Sheffield United?
32. Who is the only member of the Royal Family to become one of Prince George’s godparents?
33. The horrific Facebook decapitation video originated in which country?
34. Name all 11 players on the Wisden all time Test World XI
35. Which former Education Minister criticized Michael Gove?
36. What was the score between Swansea and Kuban Krasnodar?
37. – and Spurs and Sheriff Tiraspol
38. and Wigan and Rubin Kazan?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Widow of Marshal Tito, former leader of Yugoslavia, passed away
2. Actor comedian passed away - 52
3. Roma girl, deported from France, then allowed to return, but her family weren’t
4. Became British Superbike Champion
5. Became World Superbike Champion
6. 4 year old found in Greek Roma camp, and DNA tests showed that the couple she was with were not her biological parents
7. Won a teaching ‘oscar’ for sending a teddy bear into space on a high altitude weather balloon
8. He controversially kicked the ball away from Cardiff keeper David Marshall and went on to score a goal, which was allowed to stand.
9. School closed due to an infestation of venomous false widow spiders, to allow it to be fumigated
10. Winner of the Great British Bake Off
11. Singer – famous for Windmills of Your Mind – passed away
12. Rugby League player kicked out of England camp for missing curfew
13. The first jockey to ride 200 winners in a season since Kieran Fallon in 2003
14. The official competition to find a new Witch of Wookey Hole
15. Bishop of Limburg – the so-called German Bishop of Bling, censured by the pope for excessive and unnecessary spending
16. 90mph storm reported heading for the UK
17. British sculptor who died aged 83
18. Man who sailed across the Solent in a motorized hollowed out pumpkin ( honestly)
19. First rowers to row the full length of the Amazon
20. Bulgarian couple who claim that “Maria” is their daughter

In other news

1. Palace Theatre
2. Sir Christopher Lee
3. Hayling Island
4. 15 – 14 to Italy
5. Laura Trott
6. Julien McDonald
7. Hurricane Raymond
8. Tony Mowbray
9. Raymond Blanc
10. Rihanna
11. Australia – Fiji - Ireland
12. Tonga and Italy
13. USA and Cook Islands
14. Mike Phillips
15. Chris Tarrant
16. Sir John Major
17. Brunei
18. Sally Bercow
19. 2 – 1 Dortmund
20. 2 – 1 Celtic
21. 3 – 0 Chelsea
22. Chapel Royal, St. James’ Palace
23. Cricket
24. Roy Keane
25. Not ordering an inquiry into the Hillsborough Disaster
26. 1 – 0 Man Utd.
27. Hooliganism
28. Crystal Palace
29. Leeds
30. 2 – 1 Man City
31. Nigel Clough
32. Zara Tindall
33. Mexico 34. Captain – Sir Donald Bradman – Sir Jack Hobbs – Dr. W.G. Grace – Sachin Tendulkar - Sir Viv Richards – Sir Gary Sobers – Alan Knott – Wasim Akram – Shane Warne – Malcolm Marshall – Sydney Barnes
35. Kenneth Baker
36. 1 – 1>br> 37. 2 – 0
38. 1 – 1

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