Saturday, 9 November 2013

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Hakimullah Mehsud
2. Tracy Connolly
3. Curtain
4. Paul Allan
5. Lynton Crosby
6. Nick Matthew
7. Geoffrey Mutai
8. Priscah Jeptoo
9. Marcia Wallace
10. David Lloyd
11. Fresh Meat
12. Sascha Reither
13. Uli Hoeness
14. Zak Hardaker
15. Dorian Darch
16. Prism
17. ‘King of Gore’
18. Curtis Warren
19. Rob Ford
20. Fiorente
21. Mark Pritchard
22. Sweetie
23. Bill de Blasio
24. Kamala Khan
25. Yonas Kebede
26. Ron Elliot
27. Mullah Farzullah
28. Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed
29. Mountain Tunes

In Other News

1. Voters in Wales are due to have a referendum over what? 2. Who will be the presenter of the resurrected Celebrity Squares?
3. Who was bailed last week after an Operation Yewtree arrest?
4. Who was the celebrity about whom Andy Coulson is alleged to have said “Do his phone”?
5. What has happened to Dicky Bird’s sculpture?
6. Which former world leader went on trial in Africa last week?
7. Which London institution celebrated its 50th anniversary last week?
8. Millions of pounds worth of art stolen by the Nazis was found in an apartment in which city?
9. Who was the fifth celebrity voted out of Strictly?
10. What was the score between Cardiff and Swansea?
11. What was the rugby league world cup score between Scotland and Italy?
12. A defeat against which country knocked Wales out of the RL world cup?
13. Who won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?
14. What was the score in the Autumn Rugby Union test between England and Australia?
15. – and in the RL World Cup between England and Ireland?
16. Which Alton Towers rollercoaster closed for the third time?
17. In which prison was there a riot?
18. In which Warwickshire prison was there a demonstration?
19. Which country won the Fed Cup?
20. Who or what called for transparency in the Prince of Wales’ tax arrangements?
21. What is unusual about the new version of the Kama Sutra published last week?
22. Who said that, like Russell Brand he did not vote in the last election?
23. BAE shipyards are axing nearly 1000 jobs where?
24. Which novel did the Crime Writers’ Association vote the best Crime novel ever?
25. Prince Charles was guest editor of which magazine to celebrate his 65th birthday?
26. Fragments of which structure went on sale in Germany last week?
27. What was the Champions’ League score between CSKA Moscow and Man City? 28. – and Man Utd and Real Sociedad?
29. Gai Waterhouse, winning trainer in this year’s Melbourne Cup, was a former actress who once appeared in which long running show?
30. Which store have adopted the use of size 16 mannequins?
31. Who hit a golfball between two continents last week?
32. Which state benefit did the High Court rule that the government had unlawfully axed last week?
33. In the capital one cup what was the score between Southampton and Sunderland?
34. In the Champions League what was the score between Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund?
35. – and Chelsea and Schalke?
36. – and Celtic and Ajax
37. Which hospital trust is at the heart of the cancer scandal?
38. Whose death was it alleged last week was caused by polonium poisoning?
39. Which company made their first ever Christmas advert?
40. In the Europa League, what was the score between Wigan and Rubin Kazan?
41. – and Swansea and Kuban Krasnodar?
42. What was the score between Spurs and Sheriff Tiraspol? What was the score between Spurs and Sheriff Tiraspol?
43. Who beat Martin Chivers’ record to become Spurs’ record goal scorer in European competition?
44. Where did Tony McCoy ride his 4000th winner?
45. Who accused Jeremy Paxman of ‘sneering’ at the government?
46. Name the BBC former political editor who passed away aged 85?
47. Whose Olympic gold medal went up for auction?

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