Friday, 1 November 2013

In The News

In The News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

1. Bernardo Hees
2. Augusto Odone
3. Elephant
4. Conrad Murray
5. Sam Burgess
6. Theresa Villiers
7. Tony Cocker
8. David Smith
9. Sharon Shoesmith
10. Domenica Cemartan
11. Graham Stark
12. Molly Robson and Rosie Hargreaves
13. VĂ©lo d’Or
14. Dell Latitude 6430u
15. Undisputed Truth
16. Overgrown
17. Blurred Lines
18. Michelle Young
19. Joel Tomkins

In Other News

1. In a survey, who was voted America’s favourite ever British actor?
2. Lou Reed passed away aged 71. What was his only UK number 1?
3. Whose trial began in the Old Bailey?
4. Which world landmark celebrated its 40th anniversary last week?
5. Who won the WTA championship final?
6. Who won the Indian GP
7. What was the score between Chelsea and Man City?
8. – and Sunderland and Newcastle?
9. Which teams contested this season’s second NFL match at Wembley?
10. Which veteran British actor passed away aged 85?
11. Which magazine was accused of bad taste last week?
12. Susan Boyle will be releasing a Christmas single – a version of O Come All Ye Faithful which will be a duet with whom?
13. Plans for installing a cable car where came under fire last week?
14. What was the score in the Rugby League world cup between Australia and England?
15. Who signed a 6 year deal with Spurs?
16. Mike Phillips reportedly began legal action against which club?
17. What will be the new maximum prison sentence for owners whose dogs take lives?
18. In the Capital One Cup, what was the score between Chelsea and Arsenal?
19. – and Man Utd and Norwich?
20. – and Leicester and Fulham?
21. – and West Ham and Burnley?
22. – and Man City and Newcastle?
23. – and what was the outcome of Spurs v. Hull City?
24. Which former Sport Minister was fined for jumping a red light?
25. Who will be playing Seb Coe in a new film?
26. At which position did David Cameron make the Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people?
27. Which club did UEFA sanction for its fans’ racist behaviour?
28. Which current MP called himself an ‘ex-politician’?
29. Who admitted an affair with the co-star on the US version of his show?
30. Who, called ‘ the best friend America ever had’ had a bust unveiled in the US Capitol building?
31. Which Welsh venue will host the next NATO summit?
32. Which animated character is being revived through a crowdfunding effort?
33. New grades for GCSEs were announced this week. What are they?
34. Which team beat which in the World Series?
35. Monty Panassar signed a two year deal with which county?
36. Which former international retired from his position with the FA?

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