Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sleb Mastermind - Show 7

Well, we’re up to show 7 now, and there’s only 3 more to go after this one. Some will be sorry, and some won’t mind . Me, I like almost any version of Mastermind, although nothing like as much as I like the regular shows.

Charles Campion is , to quote his Wikipedia page, “ a food critic, who has written in The Times, The Independent and the Evening Standard “ That’s almost it for his page, but then at least he’s got one. He was answering questions on “Kenneth Graham and “The Wind in the Willows”. Somehow I was expecting a question about “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”, but I suppose that’s what you get when you’re exposed to Pink Floyd at an impressionable age. There were enough relatively straightforward questions for me to get 6 just from General Knowledge, even though I’ve never actually read the book as far as I can remember. Charles went one better with 7. So he wasn’t going to win. Well, probably not.

Naga Munchetty , best known for stints on BBC Breakfast News I should think , is absolutely potty about golf, judging from her inter round chat with John, and so her choice of the Ryder Cup from 1979 to the present day was a good one. It was a good one for me as well. I only dropped two of them – Walton heath being one. Naga, though, had a perfect round, 12 correct answers from 12 questions.

I can’t say that I was previously familiar with the work of Kurtis Stacey, but it became fairly clear from the chat that he is an actor in “Emmerdale”. That’s not a show I’ve ever watched since they dropped the word ‘Farm’ from the title. His specialist subject was “The Life and Films of Arnold Schwarzenegger”. I wouldn’t ever claim to be a great fan of the former Republican Governor of California, but I must have seen quite a few of his films in my time – even the execrable “Hercules in New York” ( where Arnie was overdubbed, and billed as ‘Arnold Strong’) which was alluded to in one of the questions. My 8 was as good a return as Kurtis himself managed . So he wasn’t going to win. Well, probably not.

Darren Kenny is a Paralympic cyclist who won medals in London 2012, and has a huge haul of golds from both Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. He was answering on Wassily Kandinsky – a good regular Mastermind subject, that – and was the most obviously nervous of tonight’s contenders. As a result he didn’t get into his round until half a minute or so in. So his score of 7 was actually better than it seemed. All the same he wasn't going to win. Well probably not. I managed just the 2 on this round, and frankly was glad to take the money and run with those.

I had two GK full houses tonight, but Charles Campion’s round wasn't one of them. He was the first to return to the chair for the GK round, representing the charity Event Mobility. His 16 was a pretty good round, and I’m afraid that the question that caught me out was the one about fictional Detective Roy Grace. I just didn’t know it, even though Ken Owen took this as a specialist subject in the Gary's series of regular Mastermind. Darren Kenny, representing Piam Brown Ward,still seemed rather nervous as he returned to the chair. Still, the chat with John seemed to settle his nerves somewhat. His round was one of my two full houses, but he managed 14 himself, which is a creditable performance. It didn’t put him in the lead, but put him into the 20s.

Kurtis , answering for Clic Sargent, actually had the set of questions which saw my worst GK performance of this series so far. I didn’t get the question about the Will Smith film, and I didn’t get the one about Fresh Meat. So I’d say that means I’m not in the position to point the finger at Kurtis, so I shall simply say that he scored 10 which didn’t quite put him into the 20s. Naga, who was promoting Dogs Trust, then needed 11 and few passes to win, and I have to be honest, the Clark 50p had been riding on her since the specialist round. Just to be on the safe side she powered through the round – my second full house of the night – to score 16 and take her final total to 28.A good performance which will see her well up the final table , which we’ll compile after Saturday’s show.

The Details

Charles Campion Event MobilityKenneth Graham and “The Wind In The Willows” 7 - 216 - 223 - 4
Naga MunchettyDogs TrustThe Ryder Cup since 197912 - 016 - 028 - 0
Kurtis StaceyClic SargentArnold Schwarzenegger8- 110 - 318 - 4
Darren KennyPiam Brown WardKandinsky7 - 214 - 121 – 3

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