Saturday, 19 January 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Imani Green
2. Alice Pyne
3. TEL
4. Kato Okubo
5. James Baker
6. Scott Waites
7. Sarah Taylor
8. Argo
9. Sharon Olds
10. Mark Bridger
11. Nadia Eweida
12. Rudding Park Hotel, Harrogate
13. The Girl Who Got Away
14. Andries Pretorius
15. Inferno
16. Pete Barnes
17. Charlotte Green
18. Kooza
19. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

In Other News

1. A retrial of which former world leader was called last week ?
2. Which is the most stolen car in the UK ?
3. Which former member of TVAM’s Famous Five passed away last week ?
4. Barack Obama has rejected a 34000 strong petition for what ?
5. What was the score in the Man Utd v. Liverpool match ?
6. What was the score between Man City and Arsenal ?
7. Who said that he doesn’t like detective TV shows ?
8. Who ‘came out ‘ in a speech at the Golden Globes ?
9. Which high street chain was reported as heading into administration last week ?
10. Who won the Golden Globe for best song ?
11. Which anniversary did the FA celebrate last week ?
12. Which Beijing 2008 gold medalist retired last week ?
13. Who posed naked at 66 years of age ?
14. What is the name of Lance Armstrong’s charity to which he apologized last week ?
15. Which is the first UK city to apply a city wide 20mph speed limit ?
16. Which beer was reported last week as having it’s alcoholic content reduced while its price is being raised ?
17. Who is Europe’s 2014 Ryder Cup Captain ?
18. Who has been reclassified as the best horse of the modern era, and which other horse has he displaced ?
19. Who is Scotland’s new football manager ?
20. Why did Tesco put Scottish flags on its carrier bags in stores in Wales ?
21. In which two stores was it first reported that beefburgers containing some horsemeat were being sold ?
22. Which video rental firm went bust last week ?
23. Which footballer had a six month driving ban last week ?
24. The family of which criminal has had permission to rebury his remains in consecrated ground ?
25. What was the score in the FA Cup match between Arsenal and Swansea City ?
26. A row brewed over the practice of recording which Radio 2 show last week ?
27. What was announced about the National Lottery last week ?
28. Who have had a new baby via a surrogate ?
29. Why couldn’t an EasyJet flight from Liverpool to Geneva fly last week ?
30. What was not found in Burma last week ?
31. Which former grand slam winner was defeated by Laura Robson in Australia last week ?
32. Why are Boeing Dreamliners being grounded ?
33. Who knocked Venus Williams out of the Australian Open ?
34. Which company claim to have created the world’s first self-moisturising jeans ?
35. BBC Breakfast TV celebrated its 30th anniversary last week. Who was the first guest in 1983 ?
36. Who was reported as saying that children’s TV today is too fast and too noisy ?

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