Friday, 18 January 2013

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Pawan Gupta – Viraj Sharma – Ram Singh – Mukesh Singh – Akshay Singh
2. Brisbane Internatioonal
3. Mike Hussey
4. Southern Weekend
5. Macca
6. April Casburn
7. Lord Strathclyde
8. Lord Hill of Oareford
9. Reg Dean
10. Sara Ege
11. Simon Burns
12. John Brennan
13. Where Are We Now ?
14. Dr. Shirley Radcliffe
15. Matthew Clark
16. Craig Pickering
17. Paul Emsley
18. Hayley Cropper
19. Pola Kinski
20. Richie George

In Other news

1. What did English Heritage first of all say it cannot afford, and then say it will try hard to maintain?
2. Which contest was held in Birmingham’s Grand Metropole Hotel ?
3. What was published by the Co-alition ?
4. Who received his brand new Russian passport last week ?
5. Which member of the 1958 England world cup football squad passed away last week ?
6. The construction of a big shopping centre development in York had to be delayed due to what ?
7. What was the score in the Arsenal v. Swansea FA Cup tie ?
8. Who clearly seemed to handball before his goal to knock Mansfield Town out of the FA Cup ?
9. Who suffered a wardrobe malfunction on her way out of “Dancing on Ice” ?
10. Newcastle Utd. were knocked out of the FA Cup by which team ?
11. Who is the new manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers ?
12. Which octogenarian TV and radio presenter was in court accused of sexually assaulting 3 girls ?
13. Which scientific project has ended after 520 days ?
14. Jessica Ennis has publically spoken out against the closure of what ?
15. Who won the ballon d’or ?
16. Britain now have two women in the world’s top 50 female tennis players. Who were the last british pair to do it ?
17. Lionel Messi was criticized for wearing what this week ?
18. Which is the first English council to offer a free school breakfast to all primary school children ?
19. Who missed his date in a French court on a drink driving charge ?
20. What was the score of the first leg Capital One cup semi between Bradford City and Aston Villa?
21. In the 2012 Fifa World 11, all the players come from either Barcelona or Real Madrid except one,. Which club did he come from ?
22. Who is the new Nike Face of Golf ?
23. What was the score in the Swansea v Chelsea Capital One cup semi final first leg ?
24. Which BBC TV journalist suffered a stroke ?
25. What happened to David Bowie’s new single ?
26. Which former DG of the BBC passed away ?
27. Why is John Mcrirrick suing channel 4 ?
28. Who is to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey next week ?
29. Monopoly is currently carrying out an online vote. About what ?
30. Which chain of camera shops have been forced to close ?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. The men in court for the horrific Indian bus rape murder
2. Tennis tournament won by Andy Murray
3. 34 year old Aussie cricketer retired after series win over Sri Lanka
4. Chinese Newspaper forced to change an editorial calling for reform into one praising the new leaders
5. Macdonald’s has changed its name to this briefly in Australia to celebrate Australia day
6. Detective Chief Inspector in court for allegedly asking for a bribe from the News of the World
7. Leader of the House of Lords who resigned suddenly
8. New Leader of the House of Lords
9. Britain’s oldest man who passed away at 110 years of age
10. Mother jailed for life for killing her son who failed to learn verses from the Koran
11. Rail Minister criticized for use of expensive government cars
12. New Director of the CIA
13. Title of new single by David Bowie
14. Coroner of the second Amy Winehouse Inquest – recorded the same verdict as the first.
15. In court he admitted stealing a 13lb sea bass from an aquarium and using it to win an angling contest
16. Former GB international sprinter making debut in bobsleigh world cup series
17. Painted the portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge – she likes it, but it has not won universal approval
18. Character being written out of Coronation Street
19. In an autobiography she claims she was continually sexually abused by her film star father Klaus until she was 19
20. Son of darts player Bobby – reached the semi final of the BDO world darts championship.

In Other News

1. Its blue plaque scheme
2. Europe’s Best Elvis contest
3. A Mid Term review. (Fun for all the family )
4. Gerard Depardieu
5. Derek Kevan
6. A colony of Great Crested Newts was living there
7. 2 – 2
8. Luis Suarez
9. Pamela Anderson
10. Brighton and Hove Albion
11. Dean Saunders
12. Stuart Hall
13. The Russian simulated flight to Mars
14. Don Valley Stadium
15. Lionel Messi
16. Jo Durie and Sarah Gomer
17. A spotted suit and bow tie
18. Blackpool
19. Gerard Depardieu
20. 3 – 1 to Bradford
21. Atletico Madrid
22. Rory McIlroy
23. 2 – 0 to Swansea
24. Andrew Marr
25. It has been disqualified from the singles charts because it is also being given away free with Bowie’s album
26. Alasdair Milne
27. Public humiliation after being ditched – claiming age discrimination
28. Lance Armstrong
29. Which playing piece to ditch, and which to bring in to replace it
30. Jessops

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