Saturday, 26 January 2013

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Orb Weaver
2. Sergei Filin
3. Nigel Atkins
4. George Church
5. Mauricio Pachettino
6. Timo Glock
7. Lindsay Sandiford
8. Virginia Wheeler
9. Stan Musial
10. Jim and John Harbrough
11. Chris Froome
12. Chris Taylor
13. Charlie Morgan
14. James Hanson
15. Sloane Stephens
16. Anna Soubry
17. Dolours Price
18. Mason Fellows
19. Jeremy Forrest

In Other News

1. Which famous car was sold for $4 million last week ?
2. Why did a repeat of the Tweenies earn hundreds of complaints last week ?
3. The film cast soundtrack of “Les Miserables” became the first cast soundtrack album to top the charts for 16 years. which was the last ?
4. Which controversial female tennis player passed away last week ?
5. What was the score in the Spurs v. Man Utd. match ?
6. What was the score in the Chelsea v. Arsenal match ?
7. Which? Travel rated which British site the world’s 2nd best for tourists after the Taj Mahal ?
8. How old was Michael Winner, who passed away last week ?
9. Vanessa Mae announced her plans to take up which sport seriously ?
10. Which Olympic athletics medalist criticized fellow Olympians for their TV appearences since the summer ?
11. Which two teams will contest the Superbowl ?
12. David Cameron has said that the UK will send special forces to which country ?
13. David Cameron said that the ULK will have a referendum on membership of the EU in which year ?
14. Which TV and radio personality was arrested on 1 count of rape and 14 of sexual assault ?
15. Whom did the Talbian criticise as arrogant last week ?
16. What was the final aggregate score between Bradford and Aston Villa in the Capital One Cup semi final ?
17. Who lip synched at Barack Obama’s inauguration ?
18. A major exhibition of whose work opened at the Royal Academy ?
19. Where were people told to prepare themselves for nuclear war ?
20. Where did Prince Harry arrive back in the UK last week ?
21. What was the score in the Swansea v. Chelsea second leg semi final lasat week ?
22. Which player seemed to kick the ball boy in the same match ?
23. What was the score between Arsenal and West Ham ?
24. UK citizens have been told by the FO to leave which African city ?
25. Who is the new assistant manager of the Scottish football team ?
26. Which famous painting is on sale for £500,000 ?
27. What was the most popular programme on the iplayer during 2012 ?
28. A plaque will be unveiled in Epsom racecourse this year to commemorate whose death ?
29. Pep Guardiola has joined which team ?
30. Whom did Novak Djokovic defeat in the Australian Open semi final ?
31. Tina Turner is to become a citizen of which European country ?
32. Which comic character did its creators suggest could be gay this week ?
33. Who was denied compensation for several years in prison before his conviction was quashed ?
34. Who lost to Victoria Azarenka in the Australian Open final ?
35. UEFA announced that the 2020 Euros will be hosted by how many countries ?
36. Which famous sports writer passed away aged 75 ?
37. Which Ipswich Town player was found guilty of playing a part in a horse race fixing conspiracy, and banned from UK race courses for 10 years ?

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