Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sleb Mastermind - Show 6

Another year, another 4 slebs taking on the black chair. First one on last night’s show was antiques presenter Paul Martin. His specialist subject – Rock Drummers 1970 – 2000 looked promising. Indeed, I can’t be too upset with my own score of 6, even if I did miss out on John Bonham. Paul managed to do one better, but the number of long pauses he took made me worry for him with the GK round still to come.

Jaye Griffiths is an actress we’ve seen in a number of TV series over the years. Her chosen specialist subject was the racing driver Ayrton Senna, again a subject which offered decent pickings. I managed 6, and Jaye managed a pretty decent 9. We still had yet to see a double figures specialist round in this heat.

Double Olympic Gold medal winning rower Pete Reed came to the chair next. Now, Pete’s nominated subject was “The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy”. His set of questions, though, could almost all of them have fitted into a round about the books, as they were all about the events of the books/films. Well all of them save the name of the director of the films. Not that I should complain. This round provided me with my only full house on a specialist round of this series so far. Pete didn’t do quite so well . I’ve only seen the films once each, so I don’t know whether any of the questions asked were about events which only happen in the books rather than the films, but Pete didn’t do quite as well as I did, managing 9.

Comedian and magician Pete Firman brought the first half of the show to a conclusion. Appropriately enough his specialist subject was Caerphilly’s favourite son, Tommy Cooper. This was the pick of last night’s specialist rounds. Pete set the joint highest special subject score of the series, and only a pass on the very last question prevented him from posting a perfect score.

The Forever Friends Appeal are the recipients of Paul Martin’s fee. He returned to the chair, looking extremely nervous, and put in a very nervous performance. I found his set of questions to my liking, and managed my 2nd full house of the night. Paul managed just 5 , I’m afraid, to take his score to 12. I’m afraid that his total of 6 passes meant that he did not even go into the lead temporarily. The way that the first round scores panned out meant that all the contenders returned for their GK rounds in the same order as their specialist rounds. So Jaye came next. Khandel Light received the proceeds from her night’s work. She was clearly less nervous and more knowledgable than Paul. Her score of 12 didn’t really look like a winning one, bearing in mind what we’ ve seen in this series so far, but it was a decent showing, and left her with 21 points. I’m afraid that I didn’t know the Christina Hendricks question, which was the only one in the 4 GK rounds to prevent me from getting a grand slam.

Pete Reed provided an interesting contrast to Jaye Griffiths. Representing the Prince’s Trust, Pete answered a lot more slowly, but largely more accurately than Jaye had done. A few good guesses propelled him forward to his own score of 12, but he only added the one pass to his total, which put him into the lead with just Pete Firman to go. Peter Firman carried the flag for Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in Liverpool. He started his round brightly enough, but then struggled to get to the finish line. He needed 10 points to win without counting back the number of passes, and this was just what he eventually managed. His 22 is the lowest winning score of the series, but I doubt that will worry him at all. Quite right too.

The Details

Paul Martin The Forever Friends AppealRock Drummers 1970 - 20007 - 15 - 512 - 6
Jaye GriffithsKhandel LightAyrton Senna9 - 112 - 521 - 6
Pete ReedThe Prince’s TrustThe Lord of the Rings film trilogy9 - 112 - 121 - 2
Pete FirmanZoe’s Place baby HospiceTommy Cooper12 - 110 - 222 – 3

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