Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas University Challenge

The current series of Christmas University Challenge came to a conclusion last night. Many congratulations to the former alumni and staff of New College. Oxford, who won last night’s Grand Final, beating a team from the University of East Anglia. This series saw a slight change from last year’s , to my mind, in as much as none of the teams were padded out with a former UC winner as happened with a couple of teams last year. It was probably a lot fairer this way, although I do feel a little sorry for my friend whom I know was originally approached about taking part. It’s probably just as well, since he would have eaten the teams we saw here for dinner.

JP was on pretty good form for the whole series of shows. At the end he reminded the viewers that all of the participants didn’t have to take part. Well, that’s true enough, but then it’s true of the regular series as well. I’m guessing, and hoping that there was some charitable beneficiary from the series, as in other Sleb quiz shows.

For the record the final scores were : -
New College – Oxford – 205
University of East Anglia – 110

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