Friday, 14 September 2012

Technological Problems - The Appliance of Science

Enjoyed the quiz last night . It was my turn as QM last night , and maybe it was a little tougher than I would normally aim to do for the club, but I think I got away with it. I took a leaf from Alwyn’s book from last week, and rather than go into my usual ‘phone cheating is evil ‘ lecture, I simply said “Turn your internet phones off now .” looking straight at the two MDNs (Morally Deficient Numpties ) who ruined the quiz two weeks ago. As far as I could see – and I did keep my eyes open throughout the quiz – everything was kosher and above board throughout the quiz, and do you know what ? The team who won through their cheating a fortnight ago were right in contention up to the end of the quiz, and only lost through a bit of a disastrous last round. I hope that they got much more of a sense of achievement from last night than from their despicable tainted victory a fortnight ago.
As it happens the team in question were the first to hand in their picture quiz last night, and the member of the team who handed it in was the MDN I stood behind a fortnight ago while he was googling, and I announced to the world ‘What a . . . . cheat !” , which he ignored. Now, on the handout , the very last picture was Britain’s first ever world formula 1 driving champion Mike Hawthorn. The team in question had written down ‘Mike Haywood’ , which I remarked upon. The MDN in question said ‘ Well, you could just mark it right anyway. ‘ To which I replied ‘ Yes, I could. But then that would make me a cheat . . . and there’s nothing worse than a cheat, is there? ‘ In all honesty I have no idea if he actually got my less than subtle dig, but he didn’t reply , and went back to his seat.

We’ve had a bit of a problem with our sound system in the club for a while. On a good night the mike will cut out once or twice , but other than that you’ll emerge from the experience relatively unscathed. Last night was not a good night. For some reason the speakers on many occasions just decided to start humming and buzzing. On other occasions they just cut out completely without warning. Our poor steward was up and down like a yoyo all evening, trying to coax it back into action. At about the halfway stage I junked the damn thing and stood in the centre of the room, and gave the answers to one of the rounds in my best ‘Assembly’ voice. Unfortunately it started working again , and so I felt honour bound to go back to the frustration of using the mike – which continued intermittently buzzing and cutting out throughout the rest of the quiz. I don’t remember ever being so glad just to get to the end of a quiz when I’ve been question master.

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