Saturday, 15 September 2012

News Questions

Who or What are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. San Cristobal
2. Liam Broady
3. Monty
4. Xi Jiping
5. Oli Beale
6. Bill Moggridge
7. Chris Stevens
8. Behind the Lines
9. Rocio Pavan - Narrete
10. Neil Black
11. Sid Watkins
12. John Dunlop
13. Kweku Aduboli
14. Diaoyu / Senkakus

In Other News

1. In which position did Team GB finish in the Paralympic Games medal table ?
2. Team GBs David Weir won golds in how many events ?
3. Which vessel is to be sold for scrap ?
4. Whom did Andy Murray beat in the semi final on the way to his magnificent US Open Singles victory ?
5. With which team did Scotland contest a draw in their first world cup qualifier ?
6. Who won the Italian Grand Prix
7. Who won the Vuelta Espana ?
8. IN which position did GB’s Chris Froome finish in the Vuelta ?
9. Who was revealed as the second best selling author in the UK after JKRowling since 1998 ?
10. Which welsh exam board has announced that it will regrade GCSE English ?
11. Which Olympic Gold medallist will contest Strictly Come Dancing this year ?
12. Who will be the oldest ever contestant in Strictly Come Dancing this year ?
13. What did Iran’s President Ahmedinajad accuse the West of destroying this week?
14. Which city has been chosen or the ‘EuroVegas’ super casino ?
15. Who won the ladies’ singles in the US Open ?
16. Villagers are up in arms to prevent the sale of which Cape to the MOD ?
17. Which X Factor runner up is being sued by her former management ?
18. Who resigned from the Labour Party front bench ?
19. Whose penalty enabled England to gain a 1 – 1 draw with the Ukraine ?
20. Who was sent off for England in the same match ?
21. What was the score in the Wales v. Serbia qualifier ?
22. What was the score in the Northern Ireland v. Luxembourg match ?
23. Which book is the book most left behind in hotel rooms ?
24. Who claimed last week that he had been a victim of domestic abuse in his first two marriages ?
25. What was unveiled by Apple last week ?
26. Which former newspaper editor and broadcaster passed away last week ?
27. What will appear in Midsomer Murders for the first time next month ?
28. Who apologized to Liverpool fans for his horrible Spectator article 8 years ago, following the truth about the Hillsborough tragedy finally emerging last week ?
29. Who refused to have his pension reduced, but agreed not to take it until he is 65 ?
30. Which two teams will be promoted from cricket’s division 2 ?
31. Nissan are to recall 7000 of their 2012 versions of which model ?
32. Who made his last broadcast on radio 1
33. Who is currently visiting Lebanon and Syria ?
34. A new species of which mammal was announced last week ?
35. Which French magazine published topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge last week ?
36. Which Hollywood star is helping clear earthquake damage in Haiti ?
37. Who withdrew from the Tour of Britain ?
38. Which resort was the venue for the TUC Conference ?
39. What symbols of love have been removed from ancient bridges over the River Tiber in Rome ?

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