Saturday, 29 September 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Nevin Spence
2. Patrick Mercer
3. Jonathan Tiernan-Locke
4. Paul Beales
5. Aurelien Hamelle
6. 15 Khordad Foundation
7. Susanne Wilkinson
8. Dale Cregan
9. Capita
10. Elinor Barker
11. Doctor Sleep
12. Vindicat W
13. Just Sayin’
14. Daniel Thomas
15. Charlie Richardson
16. Clyde
17. Andrew Mitchell
18. Jessica Harper
19. The Casual Vacancy
20. The Audience

In Other News

1. Who was criticized last week for saying that he can’t think of anything worse than 2 men bringing up a child together ?

2. Spurs achieved their first win in the Premier League this year against which team ?
3. London Welsh achieved their first premier league win against which team ?
4. Michael Gove announced his replacement for GCSEs last week. What is it called ?
5. Who was officially sacked by the Metropolitan Police last week ?
6. At a Charity auction, which celebrity bought Donington Park’s famous Dunlop Bridge last week ?
7. Who won a prestigious Spanish amateur golf title ?
8. Who won cricket’s first division of the county championship ?
9. Who were runners up ?
10. Which two teams were relegated to Division 2 ?
11. Who had the best batting average in Division 1 ?
12. Who had the best bowling average for division 1 ?
13. Which team won the second division ?
14. Which team were also promoted ?
15. Who had the best batting average in division 2 ?
16. Who had the best bowling average in division 2 ?
17. Laura Robson marked her highest ever world ranking by making the final of her first WTA tournament. Where ?
18. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge put their troubles behind them and joined dancers on which small island nation ?
19. A huge diamond field has been found in a meteorite crater in which country ?
20. The very last of which make and model of car rolled off the production line last week ?
21. Venice has decided to allow what on the Rialto Bridge ?
22. Who scored the last minute goal to give Real Madrid a 3 – 2 win over Man City ?
23. Which European team did Arsenal defeat 2 – 1 ?
24. Which well respected sports writer and sports editor passed away last week aged 63 ?
25. Striking miners returned to work at which South African mine ?
26. Whose campaign against windfarms was ruled as using a misleading advert ?
27. For what did Nick Clegg publicly apologise last week ?
28. Who is quitting The World Tonight ?
29. With which team did Chelsea draw ?
30. – and with which team did Celtic draw ?
31. Which team did Man Utd. beat 1 – 0
32. Which Space Shuttle flew to its new home in LA ?
33. Who walked out of Piers’ Morgans CNN show after seeing photographs of his ex wife on the set ?
34. Burmese leaders are learning about democracy through watching which TV show ?
35. Which BBC News presenter is now joining Songs of Praise ?
36. By whom was Jeremy Paxman faced with the accusation that University Challenge is ‘dumbing Down “ ?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Irish rugby player tragically killed in slurry pit on family farm
2. 1st named member of the 14 rebel tory MPs who want a leadership contest
3. British winner of the Tour of Britain cycle race
4. On trial in Indonesia for drug charges, but if found guilty will not face death penalty
5. French lawyer retained by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for legal fight with Magazine Closer
6. Organisation that has raised the bounty on Salman Rushdie to reportedly $1/2 million
7. Landlady accused of turning away gay couple
8. Chief suspect in the killing of WPCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone
9. Private firm being paid to track down illegal immigrants
10. Winner of two junior gold medals in world road cycling championships
11. Stephen King has announced that this will be the title of his new sequel to The Shining
12. Peter Charles’ Olympic gold medal show jumping horse, now sold to the daughter of Bruce Springsteen
13. Ricky Gervais new radio based alternative to Twitter
14. Footballer who made disgusting abusive tweet to Tom Daley during Olympics – it has been announced that he will not be charged
15. South London crime boss, passed away last week
16. New mascot for 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games , based on a thistle
17. Tory Chief Whip accused of calling policemen guarding Downing Street F*****g Plebs
18. Former head of Online Security for Lloyds, convicted of serious fraud.
19. JK Rowling’s new novel for grown ups, released next week
New West End play in which Helen Mirren is to reprise her role of the Queen

In Other News

1. Rupert Everett
2. Reading
3. Exeter Chiefs
4. E Bacc ( baccalaureat ) 5. Simon Harwood
6. Chris Evans
7. Javier Ballesteros – son of the late Seve
8. Warwickshire
9. Somerset
10. Lancashire and Worcestershire
11. Nick Compton
12. Graham Onions
13. Derbyshire
14. Yorkshire
15. Con de Lange
16. Robert Croft
17. Guangzhou
18. Tuvalu
19. Russia ( Siberia)
20. Lada Classic
21. Advertising by private sponsors
22. Christiano Ronaldo
23. Montpelier
24. Brian Woolnough
25. Marikana
26. Donald Trump
27. Tuition Fees
28. Robin Lustig
29. JUventus
30. Benfica
31. Galatasaray
32. Endeavour
33. Kelsey Grammar
34. The West Wing
35. Bill Turnbull
36. John Humphrys


DanielFullard said...

9 out of the 10 current affairs questions I got asked this week were based on those questions. At least 4 of them I only knew from reading this which won me a few beer vouchers so technically I owe you a pint!

Cheers Dave

Londinius said...

Hi Dan

Thnkas for that unsolicited testimonial - glad they helped