Saturday, 15 September 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Michael Wilshaw
2. Kate Lundy
3. Aisha and Amani>br> 4. Pittenweem
5. Alan Oliveria
6. Andy Ferrie
7. Amanda Telfer
8. The Secret Race
9. Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green
10. GRRR!
11. Chris Grayling
12. Sophie Christiansen
13. Hitler
14. Michael Clark Duncan
15. Sarah Storey
16. Verity
17. Agitos 18. Alex Zanardi
19. Johnnie Peacock
20. Peter Bowers
21. Joe South
22. Michael Kenny
23. Manuel Charr
24. Rachel Morris and Karen Drake
25. LeShawn Merritt

In Other News

1. Who led a team of abseilers down the Shard ?
2. Which vegetable was confirmed as that which children are most reluctant to try ?
3. The BBC have been criticized for heavily featuring which make of fridge on the Great British Bake Off ?
4. How old was Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church when he died last week ?
5. Who score a hat trick for Man Utd. v. Southampton ?
6. Which was the only Premier League football club to take three wins from their first three games ?
7. Who won the Belgian Grand Prix
8. Who was lost last week on a boat off Long Island ?
9. Whose dresses were bought for £73,000
10. Which honour was awarded to Sir Paul McCartney ?
11. Which Premier League Manager has already been given a two match touchline ban ?
12. Who have Save The Children now said they will also help ?
13. Who is the new Chairman of the Arts Council ?
14. Who is the controversial choice as new Health Secretary ?
15. What remarkable announcement was made by Hello Magazine last week ?
16. Which club has Michael Owen signed for ?
17. Whose tomb has been found beneath a car park ?
18. What is the record number of ministers who now attend cabinet meetings ?
19. Which famous sportsman and commentator passed away last week aged 82 ?
20. Which former sportsman announced last week that he intends giving boxing a try ?
21. Which country has ordered foreign workers for Save the Children to leave ?
22. Where will Neil Armstrong be buried ?
23. Who knocked Roger Federer out of the US Open ?
24. Who has entered the Guinness book as having the longest career as a male entertainer ever ?
25. What jubilee icon was sold at a loss to a buyer from Portugal ?
26. What was the score in the England v. Moldova world cup qualifier ? 27. Name the nature broadcaster who passed away last week
28. Name the Antiques broadcaster and expert who passed away last week
29. What was the score in the Wales v. Belgium world cup qualifier ?
30. A special monopoly board has been launched to honour which scientist ?
31. Who said that his job is now too big for one man ?
32. In a survey it has been shown that this year pocket money has fallen on average for children by how much per week ?
33. Which writer was told by Wikipedia that he is not a credible source about his own novels ?
34. Which cricket team were relegated following their loss to Middlesex last week ?
35. Against which country did Argentina score their first points, through a draw, in the old Tri Nations championship ?


Who or what ar the the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Head of OFSTED who has called for tougher exams despite the recent GCSE furore
2. Australian Minister for Sport who last week completed her forfeit for Australia finishing below GB in medals table at the Olympics – she rowed down the Eton Dorney course
3. The new twins born to hero Mo Farah and his wife
4. Scottish beach where a school of pilot whales were stranded
5. Brazilian runner who beat Oscar Pistorius in 200m final, leading to Oscar Pistorius’ comments about some athletes using longer blades just for the Games
6. Businessman who shot two burglars in his home
7. The lady tragically killed by a falling window in Mayfair
8. Tyler Hamilton’s book giving details of Lance Armstrong’s alleged doping during the Tour de France
9. Both announced their retirement from Radio 4 after many years’ service
10. New Rolling Stones album which has angered fans for containing only 2 new tracks
11. New Justice Secretary appointed in Cabinet reshuffle
12. First British competitor to win 3 gold medals in the London Paralympics
13. Name of a store in Ahmedabad which has bowed to public pressure to change its name
14. Star of the Green Mile who passed away last week
15. Competitor who equaled Tanni Grey Thompson’s career total of 11 gold medals in the Paralympic Games 16. Damien Hirst’s planned colossal statue given the go ahead in Ilfracombe
17. The symbol of the Paralympic Games 18. Former F1 driver who won Paralympic Gold
19. Training partner of Greg Rutherford, winner of 100 metres in Paralympics, setting a world record beating his idol Oscar Pistorius 20. Judge who said that a burglar was brave
21. Singer who passed away, best known for The Games People Play
22. First man to train for a degree from the Norland College for Nannies
23. Opponent for Vitali Klitschko in what might be his last fight
24. British Paralympic cyclists, who held hands across the line so that they could be awarded the bronze medal jointly, but officials insisted on a photo finish to separate them.
US Athlete who set a new world 110m hurdles record at 12.80 seconds.

In Other News

1. Prince Andrew/ Duke of York
2. Spinach
3. Smeg
4. 92
5. Robin Van Persie
6. Chelsea
7. Jenson Button
8. Russell Crowe
9. Margaret Thatcher
10. The Legion d’Honneur
11. Alan Pardew
12. Children in the UK
13. Peter Bazalgette
14. Jeremy Hunt
15. They will be ending their reliance on celebrity gossip
16. Stoke City
17. Richard III
18. 32
19. Lord John Oaksey
20. Freddie Flintoff
21. Pakistan
22. At Sea
23. Thomas Berdych
24. Sir Bruce Forsyth
25. The Spirit of Chartwell
26. 5 – 0 to England
27. Terry Nutkins
28. David Barby
29. 2 – 0 to Belgium
30. Alan Turing
31. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury
32. 27p
33. Philip Roth
34. Last year’s champions Lancashire
35. South Africa

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