Saturday, 29 September 2012

In The News

Who or What are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Gangnam Style
2. Megan Stammers
3. Jeremy Forrest
4. Damien Lewis
5. Phillipe Gilbert
6. Corrie Sanders
7. Lance Bombardier Lynette Pierce
8. Trenton Oldfield
9. Medinah
10. Mark Halsey
11. Forden, Mid Wales
12. Rahul Gandhi
13. Oleg Blokhin
14. The Valleys
15. Anna Larke
16. Lord Judge
17. Alex Haigh
18. Nick Ponting and Nemesis
19. Paolo Gabriele
20. Vyasheslav Schenchenko

In Other News

1. Who announced he will no longer play for England
2. Where was the Lib Dem Conference held
3. For how many Emmy’s was Downton Abbey nominated ?
4. What was announced as the coolest brand to UK consumers ?
5. Who won the Singapore GP ?
6. England suffered their heaviest ever 20/20 ODI cricket defeat to which country ?
7. What was the score when Arsenal played Man City ?
8. What was the score in the Man Utd. v. Liverpool match ?
9. Who lost what was billed as his final appeal against extradition ?
10. Whose estranged wife has been accused of damaging his car ?
11. John Terry was reported as having been dropped by which sportswear company ?
12. Which british player beat Sabine Lisicki in the Pan Pacific Open ?
13. A mass brawl took place in a factory manufacturing parts for which items ?
14. Steve Wozniak has applied to become a citizen of which country ?
15. Which club knocked Everton out of the League Cup ?
16. China put its first ever of which type of vessel into service last week ?
17. Which producer of many hit shows, including Top of the Pops and The Two Ronnies passed away last week ?
18. Which famous crooner also passed away last week ?
19. Which former Norwich City and Man City ( among others ) manager passed away last week ?
20. A sculpture of which incident was placed outside the Pompidou Centre in Paris last week ?
21. Who wouldn’t or couldn’t translate the words Magna Carta on the Letterman show last week ?
22. What was the fine imposed on John Terry to go with his 4 match ban ?
23. Which 95 year old film actor passed away last week ?
24. This week saw the first ever what in the National Lottery ?
25. Who dropped out of snooker’s top 16 players in the world for the first time in 2 decades ?
26. Name the Rookies in both Ryder Cup teams
27. Where was Megan Stammers found ?
28. A forgotten postbox with letters dating back to 1989 has been found where ?
29. Who won the title of the Lloyds List ‘Seafarer of the Year’ ?
30. Who resigned as manager of Blackburn Rovers ?
31. Lewis Hamilton will race for which team next season ?
32. Michael Nyman, the famous composer, has announced that he will be leaving London to move somewhere safer – which city ?

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