Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mastermind - next week's wiki challenge

Right then, in case you’re thinking of taking the wiki challenge next Friday, I’ve just checked out next Friday’s specialist subjects . They are : -

The Epsom Derby since 1980

Extinct fauna of the Ice Age

The Life and Work of Dave Allen

General Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn

I’ll be honest, I don’t fancy my unaided chances on any of these subjects. Still, it’s a fact that I am just not going to have the time or inclination to take the challenge on all four subjects. Therefore I’ve decided to take my chances on the first two – GK might get me a couple of points on the Derby, and my first career ambition when I was a kid was to be a palaeontologist, so there’s just a very little knowledge already there on the fauna. So for me I shall do my best to wiki challenge with both Dave Allen and Custer and the Little Big Horn. I have half a suspicion that the name of Custer’s horse might come up, which would be one point, but without preparation I can’t see me getting any others there. I think that my highest specialist aggregate of the series of 31 is hardly in any danger next week.


Wiki Challenge – Dave Allen Questions

1. What was Dave Allen’s original name ?
2. What was actually contained within his trademark whisky glass ?
3. Allen was born in which area of Dublin ?
4. What was the name of his first wife, whom he divorced in 1983 ?
5. What was the name of his second wife, whom he married in 2003 ?
6. What was the name of Allen’s youngest child, born in 2005 ?
7. Allen’s father Cully Tynan O’Mahony was the managing editor of which newspaper ?
8. Allen attended Newbridge College, The Catholic University College, and which other secondary school ?
9. Allen first worked as a copy boy on which newspaper ?
10. Allen became a Butlin’s redcoat in which English resort ?
11. Before finding success, Allen sold toys in a store in which English city ?
12. Allen worked as a door to door salesmen selling which items ?
13. How did Allen lose the top of his middle finger, despite the many different versions of the story he told ?
14. Allen had his first TV appearance on which BBC talent show ?
15. In 1962 he compered a touring show which included the Beatles, but was headlined by which act ?
16. With which American vaudeville star did Allen tour South Africa in 1962 ?
17. In the early 60s, Allen worked in Australia as the resident comedian of which English scriptwriter and actor ?
18. Allen was banned from Australian airwaves for telling the producer of the Channel 9 show Tonight with Dave Allen to go away and masturbate for trying to interrupt an interview with whom ?
19. What was the title of Allen’s First British TV series ?
20. Which Variety Club Award did Allen win in 1967 for Tonight with Dave Allen ?
21. What was the title of the 1998 series in which Allen reflected on his life and career, interspersed with clips from earlier shows ?
22. What was Allen presented with at the 1996 British Comedy Awards ?
23. What was the title of the first exhibition of his paintings in Edinburgh in 2001 ?
24. What was the title of the Edna O’Brien play in which Allen starred in 1972 at the Royal Court Theatre ?
25. Which pantomime character did Allen play in the London Colisseum ?
26. In 1979 Allen played a troubled property man in whose TV play “One Fine Day “ ?
27. What was the title of the only cinema film in which Allen had a starring role ?

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