Friday, 4 May 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who are the following and why are they in the news ?

1.Marcus Mumford
3.Terry Connor
4.Kyle Walker
5.Wilson Kipsang
6.Siobahn Benita
7.Pussy Riot
8.Claire Squires
9.Carina Trimmington
10.Mary Beard
11.Korima “Ruby” El Mahrouj
12.Cao Yupeng
13.Frederic Michel
14.Kurt Mix
15.The Perfect American
16.William Balfour


1.New Husband of Carey Mulligan
2. Baby son of Peaches Geldof
3.Manager of Wolves – relegated
4. PFA Young Player of the Year
5. Winner of Men’s race in London Marathon
6. Independent Mayor of London candidate BBC refused to allow to take part in debate
7. Anti Putin band causing riot in Moscow
8. Runner who tragically died during London Marathon – her charitable efforts have raised over £1 million in donations
9. Lover of Chris Huhne who sold stories about Nick Clegg to papers
10. Academic and TV presenter received very unkind comments from A.A.Gill
11. Teenage dancer at heart of Berlusconi scandal
12. Chinese official’swife accused of British man’s death
13. Lobbyist at heart of Jeremy Hunt furore
14. 1st man to face trial for BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill
15. ENO opera about the life of Walt Disney
16. Jennifer Hudson stepbrother on trial for murder of her mother and sister

In Other News

1.Which TV drama has been axed by the BBC after 2 series ?
2.Which famous former Labour MP died at the age of 89 ?
3.Which player , likely to play in the European Championships, has also been named in the GB Olympic Football squad ?
4.Reading became Championship champions after drawing with which team ?
5.Which team became champions of Division 1 ?
6.– and which team were also promoted from Division 1 ?
7.Who was voted PFA Player of the Year ?
8.A TV crew from which channel were arrested in Bahrain ?
9.Which driver won the Bahrain Grand Prix ?
10.Who won the women’s race in the London Marathon ?
11.Where did Rafael Nadal beat Novak Djokovic
12.Name the daughter of Jean Marie Le Pen who scored the biggest ever vote for the far right in the French presidential elections ?
13.Who awoke from a coma last week ?
14.How much is the UK giving to the IMF ?
15.Which 4 teams are the top seeds in the Olympic football tournament ?
16.China is in the middle of an attempt to buy which breakfast cereal ?
17.Which drink is about to be officially declared as the national drink of India ?
18.Which country won the last place in the Olympic football tournament ?
19.– and in which stadium did they manage to do it ?
20.How many times did Theresa May refuse to answer whether officials had confirmed the date and time to launch proceedings over Abu Qatada ?
21.Which comedienne has upset Streatham Council with comments about the area ?
22.Who spoke to a government committee on the issue of drug abuse last week ?
23.Which US state is holding a vote on the abolition of the death penalty ?
24.The director of the Dr. Phibes films passed away last week. Who was he ?
25.What was the score in the Chelsea v. Barcelona second leg match ?
26.– and who scored Chelsea’s goals ?
27.Which teams are in the same group as GB in the Olympic football tournament ?
28.Who will replace Alesha Dixon as a judge on Strictly Come Dancing ?
29.Sarajevo has voted honorary citizenship to which film star ?
30.Mike Tindall has announced that he is to leave which club at the end of the season ?
31.What was the final score in the penalty shoot out of the Bayern v. Real Madrid match ?
32.Which actor will play Tonto in a new Lone Ranger film ?
33.Last week academics announced that they believe that Shakespeare had a co writer for which of his plays ?
34.Who was found guilty of war crimes in the Hague last week ?
35.Which Syrian city was attacked on Tuesday ?
36.Who were deported to Saudi Arabia last week ?
37.PM Gilani of Pakistan was sentenced for contempt last week. How long was his sentence ?
38.Who beat whom in the two Europa League semi finals last week ?


1. Upstairs Downstairs
2. Lord Jack Ashley
3. Wayne Rooney
4. Crystal Palace
5.Charlton Athletic
6. Sheffield Wednesday
7.Robin van Persie
8. Channel 4
9. Sebastian Vettel
10.Mary Keitany
11. Monaco
12. Marine LePen
13. Robin Gibb
14. £10 billion
15. Great Britain, Brazil, Spain , Mexico
16. Weetabix
17. Tea
18. Senegal
19. The Ricoh Stadium
21. Jo Brand
22. Russell Brand
24. Robert Fuest
25. 2 – 2
26. Ramires – Torres
27. Senegal – UAE – Uruguay
28. Darcy Bussell
29. Angelina Jolie
30. Gloucester RFC
31. 3 – 1 Bayern
32. Johnny Depp
33. Measure for Measure
34.Charles Taylor
35. Hama
36. Widows and daughters of Bin Laden
37. 30 seconds

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