Saturday, 26 May 2012

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Sing

2) The Canterville Ghost

3) Bankia

4) Priscilla Chan

5) Chen Guancheng

6) David Price

7) Jenna Talackova

8) Carina Trimingham

9) Hugh Robertson

10) Eugene Polley

11) Phil Dowson

12) Uttershaw

13) Gryffindor

14) Jonathan Ive

15) Alesha Ahmed

16) Pastora Soler

17) Love Will Set You Free

18) Alan Oakley

19) Hibu

20) Tokyo Skytree

21) Falcon 5

22) Adrian Beecroft

23) Georgia Davis

In Other News

1) Which welsh town became the world’s first wikipedia town ?

2) The G8 Meeting last week took place where ?

3) What breed is Britain’s Got Talent winner Pudsey ?

4) Who died in Libya ?

5) In pounds what was the flotation vallue of Facebook ?

5) The italian earthquake between Modena, Ferrara and Bologna was which force on the Richter scale ?

6) How many wickets were taken by Stuart Broad in the first test ?

7) Which team won the Championship play off final ?

8) Which team won promotion back into the Football League ?

9) What was the final score in the Heineken Cup Final ?

10) What punged the German town of Hamelin into darkness ?

11) Whose Brighton Beach house was saved last week ?

12) Which part of Britain’s road system celebrated its 40th birthday last week ?

13) A British company tried to auction off what last week, but were prevented ?

14) Kevin Pietersen was fined for his tweet about whom ?

15) Who told Jeremy Paxman how to hack into someone’s phone messages ?

16) Free elections were being held for the first time in which country ?

17) Which country has withdrawn its ambassador from Azerbaijan over the Eurovision Song Contest ?

18) What punishment did Joey Barton receive last week ?

19) Why has an AQA GCSE paper received heavy criticism ?

20) Who took pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix ?

21) Who is the only british woman tennis player to qualify for the French Open ?

22) Which is the world’s most valuable brand ?

23) Which is the UK’s most valuable brand ?

24) Who have abandoned their sponsorship of a well known literary prize ?

25) Whose ashes were taken to the International Space Station ?

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