Saturday, 12 May 2012

Answers to News Questions

In the news

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) Margaret Moran
2) James Allen
3) Pep Guardiola
4) Kirsty Bertorelli
5) Nick Cannon
6) Laura Adshead
7) Khalil Dale
8) Noma
9) Dinner
10) Shakeel Ahmed
11) Vincent Kompany
12) Amarillo Slim
13) Jacqueline Woodhouse
14) Graham Stuart MP
15) Amy Williams
16) Cheryl Tiegs
17) Dirk
18) Lauren Socha
19) Janos Ader
20) Sandy Phillips
21) Lionel Morton and Rick Jones
22) Bill Miller

In Other News

1) The Queen visited the site of which tragedy this week ?
2) Who were the second club to gain promotion as of right to the Premier League ?
3) Who was announced as joining the england RU coaching team for the tour to South Africa ?
4) Who topped the Sunday Times Rich List ?
5) Which team were beaten by Ulster in the semi final of the Heineken Cup ?
6) Which scene topped a survey to find the most memorable movie scene ?
7) Who was the surprise choice as new England football manager ?
8) Which sprinter and which cyclist look to be the most likely to benefit from the Court for Arbitration in Sport’s ruling that drug cheats cannot be banned from Olympics for good on a first offence ?
9) Which team are the Blue Square Premier Champs ?
10) Who won cycling’s Tour of Romandie ?
11) Which team were beaten by Leinster in the other semi final of the Heineken Cup ?
12) Name the son of Seve Ballesteros who made his professional golf debut last week ?
13) Who won the Barcelona Tennis Open
14) Who accused the Tories of lacking vision and principles ?
15) Four footballers from which team have been charged with sexual assault
16) Who caused outrage with his comments about Germans, calling them Krauts, and saying that they would start another war ?
17) What is the highest building in New York ?
18) Lukas Podolski will be joining which Premier League club ?
19) The UK has ordered ISPs to block which internet site ?
20) Who knocked Judd Trump out of the world snooker championships ?
21) Which annual sporting event was cancelled due to terrible weather ?
22) Danny Cipriani has left Melbourne to join which club?
23) The ECB have ruled that non UK players will have to live in the UK for how long to qualify to play cricket for England ?
24) The Duke of York visited the war graves where ?
25) Who finally settled a £100 million tax claim ?
26) David James has been released by which club ?
27) Who retired after his world snooker quarter final defeat by Stephen Maguire
28) According to a survey which city is the world’s top tourist destination ?
29) Who announced plans to open an aviation centre in South wales ?
30) The European Space Agency announced an unmanned mission to Mars planned for which year ?
31) Who took her seat in parliament for the first time this week ?
32) Which 4 teams contest the Championship play offs ?
33) Who has been awarded the BAFTA Fellowship ?
34) Who finally quit the race for the Republican nomination ?
35) Which ex England footballer retired ?
36) According to Time Magazine, what is the best musical of the 20th century ?
37) European Commissioners will be snubbing the European football championships in Ukraine for which reason ?
38) The Scream sold where and for how much ?
39) Whose album went up to 5th biggest seller of all time, overtaking Thriller ?


1) Labour former MP ruled unfit to face trial over fraud allegations
2) Suspected of double murder – apprehended
3) Coach of Barcelona FC , resigned and linked to Chelsea FC by rumour
4) Top woman on Sunday Times UK rich list
5) He renewed his wedding vows with his missus Mariah Carey
6) Former girlfriend of David Cameron who it was revealed has become a nun .
7) British aid worker beheaded in Pakistan
8) Once again named the world’s best restaurant – in Copenhagen
9) One of the two Heston Blumenthal restaurants in top 20 of world – this one is highest placed British restaurant
10) Entrepreneur selling Osama Bin Laden’s house in Abbotabad brick by brick
11) Scored the winning goal for Man City v. Man Utd
. 12) 4 time world poker champ died at age of 83
13) On trial for racist tirade on tube filmed on a phone
14) Chairman of House of Commons select committee which has recommended sacking poorly performing teachers
15) British winter Olympic gold medallist announced retirement due to persistent injuries
16) Former US model – David Cameron revealed he used to have a pin up of her
17) The penguin stolen in Australia by Rhys Owen Jones and James Vasilj
18) Star of The Misfits given a 12 month suspended sentence for abusing a taxi driver
19) New president of Hungary
20) Wife of Mark Phillips, the two are seeking a divorce
21) Presenters of Play School accused in documentary of presenting it while stoned
22) Preferred buyer of Glasgow Rangers

1) Aberfan
2) Southampton
3) Mike Catt
4) Lakhsmi Mittal
5) Edinburgh
6) The bike chase in ET
7) Roy Hodgson
8) Dwayne Chambers and David Millar
9) Fleetwood
10) Bradley Wiggins
11) Clermont Auvergne
12) Javier
13) Rafael Nadal
14) Lord Tebbit
15) Brighton and Hove Albion
16) Patrick Moore
17) One World Trade Centre
18) Arsenal
19) Pirate Bay
20) Ali Carter
21) Badminton Three Day event
22) Sale
23) 7 years
24) Kohima
25) Paul Hogan
26) Bristol City
27) Stephen Hendry
28) London
29) Bruce Dickinson
30) 2022
31) Aung Sang Suu Kyi ( Burmese Parliament )
32) Cardiff v. West Ham : Blackpool v. Birmingham
33) Rolf Harris
34) Newt Gingrich
35) Sol Campbell
36) Carousel
37) The treatment of former PM Yulia Tymoshenko
38) Sotheby’s in New York - £74 million / $119.9 million
39) Adele - 21

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