Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Past Coming Back to Haunt Me

Twice actually. A couple of weeks ago they repeated my Millionaire diasaster on Challenge. Every time they do that it's the cue for half a dozen little cherubs at work to tell me that they saw me on it and didn't I do badly etc. etc. All good, clean knockabout fun, and all part of what you sign up for when you go on the show - no complaints there.

The other time though happened just over on Daniel's Quiz Addict blog. Daniel has posted the documentary Quizzers, which came out a couple of years ago - I'm not sure which channel it was on. Doesn't matter. I never saw this when it first came out, so I started watching it. The first thing I noticed was that it began in a quiz, and asking the questions was Trevor Parry. - Hello - thought I - close to home ( relatively speaking ) Then the camera panned around some of the faces, and I thought that I recognised a lot of the quizzers there. Then it stayed on my dear late friend Allan Coombs for a couple of seconds. Allan passed away in 2010, so this must have been filmed at Christmas 2008 or 9 I'd guess. Then I noticed it also showed my mate Barry. - Hmm - I wondered - what were they doing going to a Trevor quiz without me ? Then I realised. it wasn't without me at all. At about 42 seconds in you just get a very brief glimpse of me as I lean forward to write an answer.

Odd feeling . I mean, I know that Trevor would have said something about there being people there filming for a documentary that evening, but I'd forgotten all about it - I didn't know it was THAT documentary. Funny how your past sometimes catches up with you like that. I don't remember it at all. I do, however, think I remember the quiz, though. It was a Christmas Quiz, and there was a £200 first prize, I think. As I recall we ended up sharing it with Mark and CJ's team ( which incidentally was a bigger team than ours, not that I like to boast, you understand )


Gruff said...

It was filmed December 2006 (they also filmed at the 2006 European Championships) and broadcast the following year.

Londinius said...

Hi Gareth

Not the one I thought, then. Still nice to see .