Friday, 18 May 2012

Answers to the Better Late Than Never News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) Adam Yauch
2) Professor Pongoo
3) HMS Ocean
4) Roland Moreno
5) Young
6) St. Helena
7) Harry Patch
8) I’ll Have Another
9) Claire Lomas
10) Obese
11) Maurice Sendak
12) Bill Miller
13) Chris Robshaw
14) Valerie Trierwiller
15) Fernando Zylberberg
16) Yulija Tymoshenko
17) Sir Michael Wishaw
18) Spyros Giannotis
19) Dave Richardson
20) Steven Dobbie

In Other News

1) How many seats were gained in the local elections by the Labour Party ?
2) Which former newspaper tycoon left jail ?
3) Which iconic building could become part of the new Chelsea stadium complex ?
4) Which businessman features as an animated Aardman character in a new advert ?
5) Who will be the new presenter of Daybreak with Lorraine Kelly ?
6) Which singer revealed that he has suffered from tinnitus for years ?
7) Which Italian football club won the serie A ?
8) Which rugby team won the top spot in the English Premiership ?
9) Who is the UK’s richest sportsman, it was announced last week ?
10) Which American politician said that he was perfectly comfortable with same sex marriage ?
11) Which country won the Olympic women’s test event in Hockey ?
12) Which sport has been scrapped for the 2016 olympics in favour of kiteboarding ?
13) What did a shopping centre in Colchester ban for May Day ?
14) Whose albums she owned as a child were auctioned online ?
15) Why was Brian Watson, the farmer pictured after killing the ‘giant rat’ in the news again ?
16) Who made a formal apology to the nation ?
17) Which was the second team to be relegated from the Premier League ?
18) What was the final score in the world snooker final ?
19) Which football team announced they would be changing their club strip from blue to red – and then announced that they wouldn’t ?
20) Where is the Haye v. Chisora bout – unlicesnsed by the British boxing authorities – due to take place ?
21) Whose appeal to the European court was rejected ?
22) Who died aged 83 in Los Angeles ?
23) The Tate Britain is to stage a major exhibition of which British artist ? 24) Who will be the first british torchbearer on the Olympic torch relay ?
25) Which one off Ricky Gervais show is to become a series ?
26) Who will play the Wizard of Oz in the Lloyd Webber production ?
27) Which greetings card company went into administration ?
28) What was the score in the Europa League final ?
29) Who delivered a BBC Scotland weather forecast last week ?
30) The Haye - Chisora fight will be licensed by the boxing authorities in which country ?
31) Who is the only overage player that Man Utd. will allow to play for GB in the Olympic Games ?

Answers 1) Former Beastie Boy – passed away
2) Man in penguin suit who scored more votes in the council elections than the Lib Dem candidate
3) Aircraft carrier visited London
4) Pioneer of chip and pin technology passed away
5) Single by Tulisa which went straight into charts at number 1
6) Won their first international cricket match v. Cameroon
7) Last WWI soldier, to whom memorial unveiled at Wells Cathedral
8) Winning horse in Kentucky Derby
9) Completed London Marathon in bionic suit
10) Word that doctors have been asked to avoid using
11) Creator of Where the Wild Things Are – passed away
12) Withdrew his offer to buy Rangers FC
13) Aviva Premiership Player of the Year
14) France’s new first lady
15) Argentine hockey player who featured in an advert for Argentinian TV training in the Falklands – not selected for Argentine Olympic squad
16) Former PM of Ukraine, in jail, called off hunger strike
17) Head of OFSTED, facing possible vote of no confidence from Secondary Heads
18) First torchbearer on Olympic torch relay
19) New Chief Exec. of ICC
20) Appearing in third consecutive play off final ( has scored in previous two )

1) 823
2) Conrad Black
3) Battersea Power Station
4) Levi Roots
5) Aled Jones
6) Chris Martin
7) Juventus
8) Harlequins
9) David Beckham
10) Joe Biden
11) GB
12) Windsurfing
13) Morris Men
14) Princess Diana
15) He received death threats
16) Dwayne Chambers
17) Blackburn
18) O’Sullivan won 18 -11
19) Cardiff City FC
20) Boleyn Ground , Upton park
21) Abu Qatada
22) Vidal Sassoon
23) L.S.Lowry
24) Ben Ainslie
25) Derek
26) Des O’Connor
27) Clinton Cards
28) Atletico Madrid 3 – Athletic Bilbao - 0
29) Prince Charles
30) Luxembourg
31) Ryan Giggs

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