Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Now Appearing in a Handout near you

I’ve only ever once featured in a picture handout. That didn’t really count, either, since it was me who made the handout. Perhaps I should explain. It was the week that my Mastermind final was broadcast, and it was my turn to be question master in the rugby club. So that evening I did a connections quiz whereby in each round there were several questions all linked by a Mastermind theme . No ? Well, let me give you an example : -

1) In which Cornish Town is there a branch of the Tate gallery ?
2) What was the title of the first single released by Simply Red from their Stars album ?
3) In the song from the Sound of Music, which note does La follow ?
4) Where were the Bee Gees born ?
5) What nationality was 1982 world formula 1 champion Keke Rosberg ?


1) St. IVEs
2) Something got me STARTED
3) SO
4) ISLE of Man

You see how it works. Well, please yourself. It being the most self indulgent quiz I ever have and probably ever will produce, I also compiled a Mastermind related handout – you can guess how it works – some of the most famous past winners – Kevin , Chris, Fred Housego etc. – some of the winners of Sleb Mastermind – all 4 presenters ( yes , 4 – Clive Anderson on the Discovery Channel and Peter Snow on Radio 4 ) , and me as a baby.

Now, I mention this, because on Sunday night I was playing in the quiz in the Dyffryn Arms – lovely pub and a very good pub quiz on a Sunday night – and I had a surprise on the handout. The link between all of the 16 photographs was that all of the people shown had the initials A.H. One of whom was none other than my friend Chaser, LAM reader, and all round good egg Anne Hegerty ! The temptation to shout out – “I know her !” was almost too much to resist. Almost. Anne, in case you’re wondering, I think everyone in the pub knew who you are as well – you’re famous !

On a similar note, I keep waiting to be asked in a quiz – what was won in 2012 by Dr. Gary Grant ? It hasn’t happened yet in any that I’ve been to since the Grand Final was shown, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later.


drgaryegrant said...

I was rather hoping to get that question myself at some point, and answer it with "£107 on the Lottery for 4 numbers 2 weeks ago", which is accurate, albeit probably not the answer on the card.

Londinius said...

Hi Gary

Perhaps you might have to wait for the end of the year. Then you're bound to feature in an ' end of year ' quiz question.