Friday, 25 May 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) Lupo

2) Ashley Butler

3) Betty Smith and Beryl Renwick

4) Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

5) Genevieve Sabourin

6)Donald Duck Dunn

7) Jonny Bairstow

8) Nafissatou Diallo

9) Jon Cruddas

10) Nicholas Crace

11) John Ruddy and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

12) Nicola Adams and Natasha Jones

13) Panagiotis Pikramenos

14) Carlos Fuentes

15) The Wiggles

16) Casey Stoner


1) The Duke of Cambridge’s cocker spaniel

2) Winner of Britain’s Got Talent – along with Pudsey the dog

3) Pensioners who won a Sony award for their show on Radio Humberside

4) Owner of Manchester City - Premier League champions

5) In court for stalking Alec Baldwin

6) Stax legendary guitarist – appeared in Blues Brothers film – passed away

7) England test debutant, whose father David also played for England

8) Hotel maid being sued by Dominique Strauss Khan

9) Ed Milliband’s new policy chief

10) World’s oldest kidney donor

11) Only uncapped players in England Euro squad

12) First british women to qualify for the Olympic boxing tournament

13) Greece’s caretaker PM

14) Mexican novelist passed away

15) Three of them have retired – group will continue with new members

16) World motorcycle champion who announced he will retire at the end of this season.

In Other News

1) A new revival of which musical has just opened in the New Wimbledon Theatre ?

2) Which act came second in Britain’s Got Talent ?

3) Who scored the goal that brought Man City the Premier League title ?

4) What is the nationality of Pastor Maldonado, winner of the Spanish Grand Prix

5) What happened in the Williams garage an hour and a half after the end of the grand prix ?

6) Which two teams made it through to the English premiership rugby final ?

7) Which team won the IRB world sevens series ?

8) Which three teams have been relegated from the Premier League ?

9) Which helicopter firm have suspended all North Sea flights ?

10) Who admitted that he doesn’t have broadband last week ?

11) What is the semi final line up for the Rugby League Challenge Cup ?

12) What was the final position of Swansea City in the Premier League ?

13) Last weekend, who became the first ever Spanish club to reach 100 league points in a season ?

14) Who won the Templeton Prize ?

15) What was the offensive message on Tevez’ banner during the Man City victory parade, for which the club made an apology to Sir Alex Ferguson ?

16) Who did new England boss Roy Hodgson add to the England coaching staff for the Euro this summer ?

17) Whose costumes are going on a world tour ?

18) Why was Francois Hollande’s flight to Germany delayed ?

19) Who made a much publicized angry tweet while stuck in a passport control queue at Heathrow ?

20) Which excuse was made for the airport queues by minister Damian Green ?

21) What is being sent to every school in England ?

22) Which sporting figure received an OBE at the Palace ?

23) Which West End show celebrated its 10th anniversary ?

24) Who was controversially left out of the Euro squad ?

25) Who is allegedly suing Steve Kean over YouTube comments ?

26) Which car did Francois Hollande use for his inauguration parade ?

27) Lady Gaga has been refused permission to perform where ?

28) Who will play King Herod in the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar ?

29) A football programme from when and what sold for a record £32,000 last week ?

30) Which 2 teams have reached the League One play off final ?

31) Who was ordered by her government not to attend the Queen’s banquet last week ?

32) Which conference was held in St. Andrew’s University ?

33) What is to happen to BBC children’s programmes ?

34) Whose trial for war crimes began last week ?

35) Who is the most capped player in the England Euro squad ?

36) Who was left out of the Walk of Fame in her home town of Croydon ?

37) How old was the late Donna Summer, who passed away last week ?

38) Who received the Ivor Novello award for Songwriter of the Year ?

39) The US announced that it is suspending sanctions against which country ?

40) Who took 6 wickets in the first innings of the first test against the West Indies ?

41) Which two teams reached the final of the Amlin Challenge Cup ? 1) Starlight Express

2) Charlotte and Jonathan

3) Aguero

4) Venezuelan

5) A fire

6) Harlequins and Leicester

7) New Zealand

8) Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves

9) Bond Helicopters

10) Steve Wozniak

11) Wigan v Leeds and Huddersfield v. Warrington

12) 11th

13) Real Madrid

14) The Dalai Lama

15) R.I.P. Fergie

16) Gary Neville

17) Michael Jackson

18) It was struck by lightning

19) Joan Collins

20) There was the wrong kind of wind

21) A copy of the King James Bible

22) Harold Dickie Bird

23) We Will Rock You

24) Rio Ferdinand

25) Sam Allardyce

26) Citroen DS5

27) Jakarta

28) Chris Moyles

29) 1909 FA Cup Final Programme – Man United v. Bristol City

30) Huddersfield and Sheffield Utd.

31) Queen Sophia of Spain

32) The World’s first Harry Potter Conference

33) They are all being moved from BBC1 and BBC2 onto digital channels

34) Ratko Mladic

35) Ashley Cole (93 caps – Lampard and Gerrard both have 90)

36) Kate Moss

37) 63

38) Adele

39) Myanmar / Burma

40) Stuart Broad

41) Toulon and Biarritz

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