Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ones that Got Away - Linkee

It was my turn at the club on Thursday night, as I think that I might have mentioned in one of last week’s posts. I won’t bore you with the whole of the quiz, but here’s my favourite questions from it: -

1. What did Anne of Cleeves officially become after being divorced by Henry VIII?

2. Who or what was Ken Carson?

3. Which is the largest city in the USA to be named after a British Prime Minister?

4. Two countries beginning with S have a sword or sabre on their national flag. Name them.

5. Who comes next – Eleanor – Elizabeth – Mamie? 6. Which detective first appeared in “Knots and Crosses” in 1987?

7. Which word is often found above the signature of Clarice Cliff on her pottery?

8. To the nearest whole number, what is the current land speed record for the Moon in miles per hour?

9. After the great Barrier Reef, the world’s next largest barrier reef lies off the coast of which Central American country?

10. In 1990, what was the name of the US president?

Alright, we’ve all heard better, I’m sure, and many of us have asked better probably, but those were the questions I liked best in last night’s quiz. The answers are a little further down the page.

I don’t know about you, but I’m usually far more interested in the questions I don’t know the answers to in a quiz than the ones that I do. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’d rather get a question right than get it wrong any day of the week, but once a question passes into the realm of –know that and there is no possibility I will ever get that wrong again – then it loses a lot of its intrinsic value and I start to take it for granted. So I was interested to chance upon this blog earlier this week. It’s by our own Michael Wallace – he of the Board Gamers. He and Jamie K. have been transplanted, if that’s the right word, to Montreal, and they attend quizzes every week. They print the questions they had wrong, and invite readers to see whether they would have helped them win the quiz or not. If you’re interested in checking out Michael’s blog – The Ones That Got Away – just click on this link

The Ones That Got Away

It’s a nice idea for a blog, and I enjoyed it.


I didn’t realize this, but BBC’s the Link, which I like, is actually based on the game Linkee. It doesn’t say so as such, but the credits do acknowledge Linkee’s creators, and a lot of the publicity for the show has mentioned this fact. I posted about Linkee last year when the creators of the game pitched it to the Dragons on Dragon’s Den. If you didn’t catch that particular post and you’d like to read it, then click this link: -
Linkee On Dragon’s Den
I’m always interested by anything to do with Linkee, because I wrote some questions for the game last year. A friend of mine who runs a business selling sets of questions contacted me and asked if I could have a go at putting some sets together for him, and he bought quite a few sets off me for Linkee. You can actually write your own sets and send them off to Linkee, and if they use them, then you get your name and location written on the cards in the game. Sorry, lads, but I prefer the cash.

I mention all of this because it makes you wonder if they are using sets of questions which have been used in Linkee, or whether there have been all new sets made for the show. On reflection I’m sure that they will have created new sets for the show, although there will of course be a certain amount of crossover. After all, there are certain connections which are just going to crop up often in connections type quizzes, just as there are certain questions which recur in otherwise totally unrelated quizzes.


Answers to questions

1) – The King’s Sister – 2) Barbie’s boyfriend, prior to dumping him for surfer Blaine – 3) Pittsburgh – Fort Pitt as was – 4) Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka – 5) Jackie ( Kennedy) - 6) Rebus – 7) Bizarre – 8) 11mph – 9) Belize – 10) Barack Obama, same as it is now, he hasn’t changed it since 1990


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