Saturday, 3 May 2014

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Chung Hung-Won
2. I Can’t Sing
3. Marc Marquez
4. Wirral Cricket Club
5. Kevin Phillips
6. Amal Alamuddin
7. Patrick Mercer
8. Sir Alan Moses
9. Chris Tomlinson
10. Cressida Bonas
11. Andros Townsend
12. Constance Briscoe
13. Amesbury
14. Barry Hawkins

In Other News

1. Which two pontiffs became saints last week?
2. Which island in the Bristol Channel regained its status as a bird observatory?
3. What was the score between Liverpool and Chelsea?
4. What was the score in the Heineken Cup semi final between Toulon and Munster?
5. – and Clermont Auvergne and Saracens?
6. Which type of helicopter tragically crashed in Afghanistan killing 5 servicemen?
7. Which broadcaster was detained by Malta police after making allegation about the hunting of migrating birds on Malta?
8. Which two teams secured promotion to League one of the English football league last week?
9. Who has had the Tory whip restored to him?
10. Teacher Anne Maguire was tragically murdered by a pupil in which school in Leeds?
11. Which sentence did Max Clifford receive after being found guilty of sexual assault?
12. John Kerry was criticized for describing Israel as what?
13. Which English club was found guilty of breaking FIFA’s financial fair play rules
14. What was the score in the first leg of the FA Youth Cup Final?
15. Why did Stephen Fry call for a boycott of the Dorchester Hotel?
16. Which classical musician announced he has to retire due to back injury?
17. Who is the PFA Player of the Year?
18. – and the PFA Young Player of the Year?
19. Which Bank of England note was withdrawn from circulation?
20. Who had her conviction for murder reinstated by the Florence Appeal Court?
21. There was much criticism over the sale of £150 million of shares in the Royal Mail to what?
22. In the Champions League what was the score between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid? 23. And Chelsea and Atletico Madrid?
24. Which golf course was bought by Donald Trump?
25. Name the five players shortlisted for the European Cup rugby player of the Year
26. Which film actor passed away aged 71?
27. Gerry Adams was arrested in connection with whose murder of 1972?
28. What did Jeremy Paxman announce last week?
29. Which historically significant object or artifact was reproduced by 3D printer last week?
30. Which was indicated to have been a factor in the tragic death of Peaches Geldof last week?
31. Why did Jeremy Paxman beg forgiveness last week?
32. Which two teams have reached the final of the Europa League?
33. Who was sacked as England batting coach?
34. Concerns were expressed over Michaelangelo’s David last week – why?
35. 5 monkeys belonging to critically endangered species of tamarins were stolen from which British zoo?
36. Sir Roger Bannister revealed that he was diagnosed as suffering from what in 2011?

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