Friday, 2 May 2014

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Ruben Carter
2. Bernard Hopkins
3. Julian Wilson
4. Victoria Coren-Mitchell
5. Shutthefrontdoor
6. Jamaica Inn
7. Andy Murray
8. Johan Bruyneel
9. John Higgins
10. Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
11. Alexandra Hedison
12. Mark Shand
13. Fatah and Hamas
14. Nikki Fox
15. Mark Schwarzer
16. Adnan Januzaj
17. Stephen Sutton
18. Paul Waterfall
19. The Gherkin
20. Beyonce
21. Andre Lampitt
22. A Man from the Future
23. Prime Pantry

In Other News

1. Who won the Chinese GP in Shanghai?
2. Who is to host a new BBC series of The Generation Game?
3. Which song was last week voted the UKs favourite song from the 80s?
4. Who has taken over at Manchester United until the end of the season?
5. What was the score in the Man Utd. V. Everton match?
6. – and the Chelsea v. Sunderland match?
7. Who beat Roger Federer to win the Monte Carlo Masters?
8. What became the most downloaded song in History in the UK?
9. A huge chemical fire took place in which UK city?
10. David Cameron faced criticism from some sides over his description of Britain as a what?
11. Which football club’s win over Wigan on Easter Monday confirmed their promnotion to the Premiership?
12. What was the score in the Champions League match between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid?
13. – and Bayern Munich and Real Madrid?
14. An advert for which company has been banned for ‘irresponsibly encouraging parents to take their children on holiday during term time’ ?
15. Which organization switched on the first of its planned 44 renewable energy power plants?
16. Which football team clinched the Championship with two games to go?
17. People of which county were officially recognized as a minority, with equal status to Welsh, Scots and Irish?
18. The Mayor of which city has won the right to ban marijuana cafes?
19. Which species of whale are Canada to take off its endangered species list?
20. The Labour party is looking to cut its links with which bank?
21. Which sporting figure’s trial for bribery began in Germany?
22. The annual crime rate for England and Wales fell by which figure?
23. Which organization in South wales announced that it will be creating a Visitor Centre and opening its doors to the public for the first time?
24. It was claimed last week that three cups of coffee a day can cut the risk of what?
25. Nokia has sold its mobile business to which company?
26. Which bank was forced by the government to halve its proposed bonuses?
27. Which Olympic gold medalist set a new British record last week?
28. Who quit as an England National cricket selector last week?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Boxer – former world championship contender, wrongly jailed – subject of Bob Dylan song and Denzel Washington film – Hurricane – died aged 76
2. Boxer – won the WBA light heavyweight title at the age of 49
3. BBC Racing Correspondent for 30 years – passed away
4. Presenter of Only Connect – became first ever two time winner of the European Poker Tour
5. Horse that won the Irish Grand National
6. BBC Drama, over which the BBC apologized when viewers were unable to hear the dialogue in the first episode
7. The Wimbledon champion was given the freedom of Stirling, and broke down in tears during a speech
8. Lance Armstrong’s former team manager, banned from professional sport for 10 years for helping to organize doping in their teams
9. Former World champion knocked out for the second year running in the first round of the world championship – this time by friend Alan McManus
10. Whistleblowing US Solider Bradley Manning has had this granted to him as a new name by a US court
11. She married actress Jodie Foster last week
12. Brother of the Duchess of Cornwall, who died in a fall last week
13. Palestinian organisations who made an agreement to end political wrangling
14. The BBC’s first ever disability correspondent
15. Oldest player ever to feature in a Champions League knockout game
16. Man Utd. player who has opted to represent Belgium rather than England
17. Terminal cancer patient who has fulfilled his wish to raise £1 million for charity
18. A farmer accused of manslaughter after his bull killed a walker
19. The iconic London tower has been placed into receivership
20. She is the cover star for Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people issue
21. ‘Star’ of UKiP European Election broadcast, suspended after alleged series of racist tweets
22. Orchestral work about Alan Turing being premiered at BBC Proms by Pet Shop Boys
23. New online grocery service launched by Amazon

In Other News

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Miranda Hart
3. Vienna by Ultravox
4. Ryan Giggs
5. 2 – 0
6. 2 – 1 Sunderland
7. Stanislas Wawrinka
8. Blurred Lines – by Robin Thicke
9. Leeds
10. A christian country
11. Burnley
12. 0 – 0
13. 1 – 0 to Real Madrid
14. Centre Parcs
15. The National Trust
16. Leicester City
17. Cornwall
18. Amsterdam
19. Humped back whales
20. Co operative Bank
21. Bernie Ecclestone
22. 15%
23. The Royal Mint
24. To cut diabetes
25. Microsoft
26. RBS
27. Greg Rutherford – who jumped a fantastic 8.51m
28. Ashley Giles

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