Saturday, 17 May 2014

Answers to News Questions

In The News

Who Or What are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Maxine Stiles – Alexandra Olson – Penny Thackray
2. Blencathra
3. Marcos Maidana
4. Barbecoa
5. Malky Mackay
6. Only Kids Aloud
7. Alexander Imich
8. North Weald Golf Course
9. Craig Oliver
10. Boko Haram
11. AstraZeneca
12. Cornelius Gurlitt
13. 117/ununseptium
14. Asif Hussainkhil
15. Tyson Gay
16. Helena Costa
17. Michael Wheatley
18. Sir Michael Hintze
19. Pinocchio Rex
20. Robert Riley
21. Bryn Tawe School Swansea

In Other News

1. Who will be the news permanent host of Strictly Come Dancing?
2. Which airline plans to offer a flying butler?
3. Who won the Tour de Romandie?
4. Which team won Italy’s Serie A?
5. What was the result of the World snooker championship?
6. Which celebrity’s abuse court case opened?
7. Which former British tennis number 1 passed away?
8. Which supermarket apologized after criticism over an advert projected onto the Angel of the North?
9. What was the result of the FA Youth Cup?
10. – and between Liverpool and Crystal Palace?
11. How much money did Lily Allen claim to have made from the John Lewis Christmas advert which featured her singing?
12. Who was voted English football writers’ Player of the Year?
13. Whose views on issues are to be added to the A Level English Language syllabus?
14. Who asked for the return of his £20,000 running spikes which have been stolen?
15. Who stood down as Chairman of the BBC Trust?
16. Who pleaded guilty to an indecent assault charge?
17. The BBC will be stopping interviews outside football grounds after matches – why?
18. Which celebrity was told by Police that he will not be facing prosecution?
19. What was the fine handed to Man City for breaking UEFA financial fair play rules?
20. Which former England international announced his retirement ?
21. Syrian Rebels finally pulled out of which city?
22. The PM of which Asian country was ordered by the courts to stand down last week?
23. What was the score between Sunderland and West Brom?
24. – and Man City and Villa?
25. Who was permanently appointed Swansea Manager?
26. Which hooker is out of the England RU tout to New Zealand?
27. Which Welsh author passed away? 28. – and which British rocket scientist passed away aged 70?
29. Who accepted damages from the Sun on Sunday for saying that he had cheated on girlfriend Jemima Khan?
30. Whose proposal for a B Team football league was greeted with widespread derision?
31. What was the score in the first leg play off between Derby and Brighton?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. First women to serve in the Royal Navy Submarine Service
2. Mountain in Lake District put up for sale
3. He lost his world title challenge to Floyd Mayweather
4. Jamie Oliver’s butcher shop, forced to close temporarily
5. Former Cardiff City manager issued statement and dropped all charges against Cardiff City
6. Welsh choir hit by a stomach bug during tour of South Africa
7. World’s oldest man 111
8. Players were forced to halt their games when a capybara invaded the course
9. Tory spin doctor who compared voting for UKIP to behaving badly on a stage do
10. Nigerian Islamist group responsible for schoolgirl kidnappings
11. UK Pharmaceutical firm, subject of hostile takeover bid from Pfizer
12. Munich hoarder of art stolen by Nazis, died
13. Theoretical element of which a few atoms have been created in a lab
14. He tried to cross the Channel on a raft made of a few planks and a bedsheet
15. US Sprinter banned for 1 year for drug use
16. 1st female manager of a French football league team
17. Serial armed robber – nicknamed the skull cracker - caught
18. Made a £5 million donation to the Natural History Museum
19. Nickname of new dinosaur
20. Port Talbot man jailed for offensive tweets about murdered school teacher Anne Maguire
21. School in which the headteacher was accused by pupils of having sex with a colleague in his office

In Other News

1. Claudia Winkelman
2. Etihad
3. Chris Froome
4. Juventus
5. Mark Selby beat Ronnie O’Sullivan 18 - 14
6. Rolf Harris
7. Elena Baltacha
8. Morrisons
9. Chelsea 7 – Fulham 6 on aggregate
10. 3 – 3 - after Liverpool led 3 - 0
11. £8000
12. Luis Suarez
13. Russell Brand
14. Usain Bolt
15. Chris Patten
16. Stuart Hall
17. Obscene and abusive chanting from fans
18. Freddie Starr
19. £50 million
20. Wayne Bridge
21. Homs
22. Thailand
23. 2 – 0 Sunderland
24. 4 – 0 Man City
25. Garry Monk
26. Tom Youngs
27. Leslie Thomas
28. Colin Pillinger
29. Russell Brand
30. Greg Dyke
31. 2- 1 Derby

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