Saturday, 24 May 2014

In the News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Martin Bartlett
2. Shaun Walker and Trevor Duckworth
3. Xscape
4. Sean HArris
5. Olivia Colman
6. Arnold Pickering
7. Jerome Kerviel
8. Becky DOwnie
9. Evo Morales
10. Welcome to New York
11. Luis Enrique
12. Cheeky Rafiki
13. Danny Nightingale
14. Lucy Li
15. Merville
16. Spirit
17. Ghost Stories
18. Robbie Grabarz
19. Justice Russell
20. Prince Rupert Zu Loewenstein
21. Matthew Warchus
22. Nick Herbert MP
23. Lou Vincent and Naveed Arif
24. Charlie Fitch
25. Independence of the Seas
26. Steve White

In Other News

1. Which of the Dragons from Dragon’s Den was fined for using a mobile while driving?
2. Which anniversary are the Brownies celebrating?
3. Who scored Arsenal’s winning goal in the FA Cup final?
4. What was the result of the Conference final?
5. Which cycling tour was won by Bradley Wiggins last week?
6. Which tennis player won the Prague Open?
7. Which famous US novelist announced his retirement?
8. What was the aggregate score between Burton and Southend in their Div 2 play off semi?
9. Who won the Spanish Open, being the first 50 year old to win a tour event?
10. Who won his 5th Moto GP in a row?
11. Who will perform stand up in 3 languages for the D-Day anniversary?
12. Who was convicted in New York of assisting terrorist groups?
13. Which all time great from the world of motor racing passed away aged 88?
14. What action was taken over Richard Scudamore’s allegedly sexist emails?
15. Who is retiring from rugby union after the Heineken cup final to become coach with his current club?
16. Who confirmed he is retiring as a player to concentrate on football coaching?
17. What did John Inverdale blame his last year’s comments about Marion Bartoli on?
18. Which of the Rolling Stones became a great grandfather last week?
19. Which town was named the happiest place to live in Britain?
20. Which sports presenter admitted being part of the same tax scheme as three members of Take That, and pledged to repay the money?
21. Who expressed a wish to visit the tomb of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism
22. Who asked Silvio Berlusconi about his comments about Angela Merkel?
23. Who was finally confirmed as manager of Man Utd.?
24. What reason did Yaya Touré give for his transfer request to Man City?
25. George Groves predicted he will stop Carl Froch in which round?
26. Which sporting couple announced an end to their engagement?
27. A polish refugee claimed that Prince Charles had made which comment to him?
28. Which announcement did Theresa May make to the Police Federation?
29. Which store announced that they will remove sweets and chocolate from the checkouts of all their stores?
30. Why was Australian PM Tony Abbott criticized for his performance in a phone in last week?
31. Which team did England’s under 17 footballers defeat in order to become European Champions?
32. Name the England fly half ruled out of the tour by injury last week?
33. What fatal flaw was discovered in new French trains last week?
34. Who was alleged to have been involved in an assault outside a wine bar in Clitheroe?
35. In which Asian country did a military coup take place?
36. Which original Radio 1 DJ appeared in court on a charge of sex attacks on boys?
37. Name the manager who left Celtic?
38. Which London building was struck by lightning last week?
39. Which Wales international footballer announced his retirement in the same week as Ryan Giggs?
40. Which iconic Glasgow building was damaged by fire?

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