Friday, 23 May 2014

Good Connection

Just a quickie this one. We've reached that time in the year when our semi regulars at the quiz in the club don't seem to be wanting to compile a quiz for a while, so for the last few weeks Brian and I have been playing tag with the question master's chair. Last night it was Brian again, and he did another connections quiz. Which was great, although I was planning to do one myself for next week, so I think I'll put that one on the back burner for now. Not that you need to know any of that. This was my favourite connection from last night: -

1) Which was the first West End Musical to be based on a novel by Charles Dickens, in 1960?
2) Which substance has the scientific name triplumbic tetroxide?
3) Which ceramic takes its name from an italian term meaning baked earth?
4) What is the connection between your last 4 answers?

I won't give you the answers straightaway to give you a minute or two to work them out for yourself. I'm not saying that it's a particularly difficult set, it's just a set that I really liked. unusually, I think we figured out all of the connections last night, which meant that we outscored Lemurs on the quiz questions, but lost very heavily on the handout. Win some, lose some.

Here's the answers to that question set

1) Oliver! - 2) Red Lead - 3) Terracotta - 4) Armies (Oliver's Army - Red Army - Terracotta Army)

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