Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wiki Challenge Take 2

dxdtdemon in his comment to my last post has whetted my appetite enough for me to try wikiing the Boston Bruins for Friday's show. I can't help thinking that it's one of those subjects where wikipedia isn't going to bring you a lot of points, but what the hell , and let's give it a try. Here's my 40 : -

Boston Bruins since 1970

1. Which Bruins player won the Art Ross Trophy 4 years in a row from 1971 – 75 ?
2. In 1970 the Bruins won their first Stanley Cup for 29 years when they defeated which team ?
3. Which trophy was won for 8 consecutive seasons, up to 1975, by Bobby Orr ?
4. How many of the NHL’s top scorers in the 1971 season were in the Bruins ?
5. When head coach Harry Sinden temporarily retired in 1971, which former bruin defenseman replaced him ?
6. In the 1973 season the Bruins were disrupted when players Cheevers, Sanderson and Mackenzie left to join what ?
7. In 1973 which organization bought the Bruins from the Adams family ?
8. Who became the new head coach in the 1974/5 season ?
9. In the mid 70s the Bruins controversially traded Esposito and Carol Vadnais for Brad Park, Jean Ratelle, and Joe Zanussi with which team ?
10. During a 1979 game against the Rangers, whose stick was stolen by a fan who hit him with it in a post game scrum ?
11. Who received an 8 match ban for his part in the brawl with New York rangers fans in 1979 ?
12. Who took over as head coach in 1979, only to be replaced a year later by former player Gerry Cheevers ?
13. Pete Peeters won the Vezina trophy with the Bruins in 1983 – in which position did he play ?
14. What unusual occurrence led to the cancellation of the remainder of the 4th game in the 1988 cup final with the Edmonton Oilers ?
15. Which team defeated the bruins in the conference finals of both 1991 and 1992 ?
16. In the 1993 season which Bruins player set a record for the number of assists in a season by a left winger ?
17. The 1995 season was the Bruins’ last in which venue ?
18. Which team were the Bruins’ last opposition in the Boston Gardens ?
19. What was the original name of the Bruins’ new home, now known as the TD Garden ?
20. Which team have the Bruins faced a record thirty three times in the play offs ?
21. Who was the general manager who fired head coach Robbie Ftorek with 9 games to go in the 2003 season, and took over the job himself temporarily ?
22. Which player won the 2004 Calder award for Rookie of the Year with the Bruins ?
23. Dave Lewis, appointed head coach in the 2005/6 series had previously been head coach of which team ?
24. During the 2009 All Stars weekend skills competition, which Bruins player fired the fastest shot ever measured up to that time ?
25. During the 2009 season the Bruins were forced by injury to call up many players from their farm team based where ?
26. Bruins player Patrice Bergeron won a 2010 Olympic gold playing for which country ?
27. In 2010 the Bruins became only the third team to lose a play off series after leading 3 – 0 – which team beat them ?
28. In 2011 which team did the Bruins defeat to win the eastern Conference finals ?
29. Which player did the Bruins lose after 5 minutes of the third game of the 2011 Stanley Cup ?
30. Which team did the Bruins defeat 4 games to 3 in the 2011 Stanley Cup ?
31. Who headed the group that bought the Bruins from Storer Broadcasting in 1975 ?
32. Which song is played after every Bruins win at the TD Garden ?
33. Which song is played every time the Bruins score a goal at the TD Garden ?
34. The number 24 was retired in 2002 in honour of which former player ?
35. Who holds the record for number of points by a Bruins player ?
36. Phil Kessel was the last Bruins player to win which trophy for the qualities of perseverance and endurance ?
37. Joe Thornton, who won the Art Ross trophy in the 2005/6 season, was traded during the same season to which team ?
38. How many goals did Phil Esposito score in the 1970 -1 season, setting the Bruins record for goals scored in a season ?
39. Who served as Bruins president for 18 years from 1988 until 2006 ?
40. Ray Bourque who went on to captain the Bruins for 12 seasons from 1988 to 2000 had co captained them since 1985 with which player ?

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dxdtdemon said...

These are great questions. I'm kind of surprised that the Wiki article didn't mention that the Bruins at one time held the record for most consecutive playoff appearances among all teams in the four major professional North American sports leagues.