Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wiki challenge BBC style

Further to my recent discovery of the BBC's take on our own wiki challenge, I've just been over to the official site to have a look at next week's subjects, and the links that the official website gives.

Next week’s specialist subjects are as follows : -

Geoffrey Boycott
Graham Greene
US Military Aircraft since 1945.

Now, I’m a bit shamefaced to admit this, being an English teacher, but the one I’m least likely to score any unwikied points on is Graham Greene, despite the fact that I did once meet him while I was at university. He struck me as a bit of a grumpy old devil, if truth be known, but then I doubt he was all that impressed with me. I’ve never read any of his stuff, but then I’m sure that he never read any of mine either. Enough of such pointless chaff. These are the links that the Beeb gives for the subjects : -

Geoffrey Boycott

Futurama (1st link)
Futurama ( 2nd link)

Graham Greene (1)
Graham Greene (2)

US Military Aircraft Since 1945 (1)
US Military Aircraft Since 1945 (2)

Interesting to see that they do give Wikipedia as one of the Graham Greene links. I have had just a cursory look at these pages, and in some cases I do wonder just how much help they would be if you were going to do a wiki-style challenge on these rounds. I doubt that I’m going to have enough free time this week to take the challenge myself. Still, if anyone does take the challenge with any of these web pages I’d be really interested to hear how useful you actually found them.


Paul Steeples said...

I think I'd stand a fair chance with three out of four of them, the exception being Futurama, which I've only seen once. I think my biggest score would probably be on US Military Aircraft, so it'll be interesting to see if that turns out to be the case.

Londinius said...

Well - how did you do Paul ?