Saturday, 3 November 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Mark Clattenberg
2. Udar
3. Sean Yates
4. Pierre Barnes
5. Mitch
6. Susan Morgan
7. Philip Osenton
8. Sir Roger Jones
9. Eric Schmidt
10. A Matter of Principle
11. John Obi Mikkel
12. Peter Erickson
13. Sally Humphrys
14. Gloria Knowles
15. Henning Berg
16. Teddy and Stanley’s Tall Tale
17. Movember
18. Alt - J
19. An Awesome Wave
20. Chris Christie
21. Cardinal Keith O’Brien
22. Steven Caulker
23. Dennis McShane
24. Craig Denholm
25. Reg Dean

In Other News

1. Which two famous people were both arrested in connection with Savilegate ?
2. Which dog breed , with only 316 births registered with the kennel club in the last year has been placed on their list of endangered breeds ?
3. Why was Madonna booed at a concert in New Orleans
4. Easyjet announced plans to increase their use of which South East Airport?
5. Who disputed her husband’s claim that she’d quit as an MP over fear she’d lose her seat in the next election ?
6. A survey revealed that children are more likely to recognize whom than Einstein ?
7. The estate of which writer is allegedly suing Woody Allen
8. In the Wembley NFL game, who beat whom ?
9. Who won the Indian GP ?
10. What was the speed of Hurricane Sandy when it hit New Jersey (mph ) ?
11. A replica of which ship was sunk by Hurricane Sandy ?
12. How much money did Skyfall take in it’s first, record breaking UK weekend ?
13. Which church are in the process of electing a new pope ?
14. Penguin publishers have merged with which other publishers ?
15. Who is the only Englishman shortlisted for the Ballon d’Or ?
16. What are the Metropolitan Police going to sell ?
17. Which Arabian Kingdom has banned all protest meetings ?
18. Which company have bought Lucasfilms
19. Who unveiled a new art installation at Gatwick Airport ?
20. Why was the late Yasser Arafat in the news last week ?
21. By which score did Arsenal beat Reading ?
22. How many Tory rebels voted with the opposition against raising the EU budget ?
23. Who is to present a prime time ITV show called Splash ?
24. Europe’s oldest prehistoric town was discovered in which country ?
25. Which former Gold Cup winner retired last week ?
26. The Sistine Chapel celebrated which anniversary last week ?
27. What was the score in the Chelsea v. Man Utd. Carling Cup match ?
28. Who is to play Brian Epstein in a new film ?
29. Which High Street Chain was placed into administration
30. Who was in court in Austria for allegedly punching a truck driver ?
31. Who was ordered to pay £5 million pounds or spend an extra 6 years in jail ?
32. What was cancelled in New York following Hurricane Sandy ?
33. Which Hollywood films tar did last week claim to be a cousin of Abraham Lincoln ?

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