Friday, 2 November 2012

Congratulations Barry

I don't know if you've been watching the current series of Breakaway , but it finished today with the Grand Final which pitted the 6 highest money winners of this series against each other. Amongst the 6 were Barry Humphrey - of the Footballers, who have been the first team to reach the quarter finals of the current series of Only Connect, and a lady who I believe was Melanie Beaumont, who took part in the first round of the second series of Are You An Egghead.

Barry gave something of a masterclass in how to play this game. He won two lives, broke away with 2 categories - World Sport and Comedy to go before the general knowledge. He also took Alan, another player who had a life of his own with him, and despite the fact that the players left behind made it perfectly clear that they would knock out Barry first given the chance, the pair kept their heads, and although they lost two lives along the way they did it , and went through the line together. I can't fault either the tactics or the execution. Very well done, Barry - I know that it's just a coincidence of the scheduling that these two shows were aired in the same week, but it makes quite a week, none the less, all things considered !

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