Saturday, 17 November 2012

News Questions

In the News

Who or What are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Tim Davie
2. Take the Crown
3. Harry McShane
4. Valerie Eliot
5. Stuart Danczuk
6. Omnishambles
7. Daniel Cooper
8. Edward Deveney
9. General John Allen
10. Jill Kelley
11. 2Lo Calling
12. Sven Hassel
13. Golconda
14. Jean Colclough
15. Sir Rex Hunt
16. Xi Jiping
17. Channing Tatum
18. Martha Payne
19. Jim Hussey
20. Abersoch
21. Andy Sawford
22. Matthew Grove
23. Ahmed Zogu
24. The White Shadow
25. Bexsero

In Other News

1. Who How much was George Entwhistle’s pay off from the BBC ?
2. Which item from the film “The Wizard of Oz” sold last week for £300,000
3. An earthquake measuring 6.8 hit which Asian country ?
4. What was the score in the England v. France rugby league match ?
5. Who has won both the PGA and European money lists in golf ?
6. Who defeated Andy Murray in the ATP tour finals semi ?
7. What was the score in the New Zealand v. Scotland rugby union test ?
8. What was the score in the Argentina v. Wales test ?
9. What was the score in South Africa v. Ireland test ?
10. What was the score in the England v. Fiji test ?
11. Who was accused of rigging positions on the Parliamentary standards watchdog ?
12. What is being considered for reintroduction for rail travel in the UK ?
13. Who won the ATP tour final ?
14. Who won the Vardon Trophy asUS PGA player of the Year
15. Which horse was awarded Cartier Horse of the Year ?
16. Which jockey was it revealed had failed a drugs test in September ?
17. Whose deportation was halted last week ?
18. What caused embarrassment to David Cameron at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet ?
19. Which author collapsed from a heart condition in New York ?
20. Which actor admitted that smoking opium gave him a pleasurable experience ?
21. Which TV presenter said that he finds the Today programme pompous and aggressive ?
22. what was the score in the Sweden v. England football match ?
23. Who scored the so called ‘ wonder goal ‘ for Sweden in the same match ?
24. What was the score in the Scotland v. Luxembourg match ?
25. What was the score in the Northern Ireland v. Azerbaijan match ?
26. What has Frankel’s stud fee been set at ?
27. In terms of entertainment, this week saw the 60th anniversary of what ?
28. Which player was surprisingly dropped by Wales following the loss to Argentina ?
29. Who received his 100th cap for the England football team this week ?
30. Which politician’s wife made tweets about Lord McAlpine this week ?
31. Why did Amnesty International staff go on strike this week ?
32. Which DJ was taken in for questioning by the police this week ?
33. Scientists are currently reconstructing whose face ?
34. Who scored 117 against England in the first innings of the first test this week ?
35. BP have agreed a settlement over the gulf oil spill. How much have they agreed to pay ?
36. On what specifically did Romney blame his defeat by Obama ?
37. What milestone does the Mousetrap reach on Saturday 17th November ?
38. IKEA admitted to using which source of labour for many years this week ?

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