Tuesday, 30 October 2012

University Challenge - Repechage Play Offs

Well, the great man kindly informed us who has made it through to the repechage play offs. Here’s the bare details

Team ScoreOpposition scoreMargin of loss
Lincoln College, Oxford 1751805
King’s College , Cambridge 14517530
Homerton College, Cambridge14523085

Looking at it you’ll notice that there’s not a lot to choose between Kings, Homerton and Lancaster, and you have to fancy Lincoln to go through whoever they face. Consulting my reviews of the matches involving the other three teams Kings didn’t have any huge buzzer problems, but weren’t converting their bonuses. As we know, you can buzz another team out of the contest without having a great conversion rate, and so they will always have a chance. Homerton were , by contrast , well buzzed out of their game by a good buzzer team. So if they find their buzzer fingers they will also be in with a chance. As for Lancaster well, they were well beaten, but then they showed tenacity in scoring the 50 odd points they needed to get to the repechage in the last 7 minutes.

All of which means that I think the table doesn’t lie. I fancy Lincoln to go through. As for the rest though, well, you pays your money , and takes your choice.

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jim360 said...

Well, so much for that prediction...