Saturday, 27 October 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Clark Kent
2. Hans Werner Henze
3. Son Tinh
4. Silvio Berlusconi
5. Frankenstorm
6. Chalara Dieback
7. Katrina Menzies
8. George McGovern
9. Kateri Ketakwitha
10. Tom Queally
11. Aaron Cawley
12. Brit Insurance
13. William Walker
14. Sir Norman Bettinson
15. Divis Tower, Belfast
16. Paul Jewell
17. Schalke
18. Catarini Migliorini
19. Mike Morris
20. Alex Partridge
21. Hannah McLeod
22. Pat McQuaid

In Other News

1. The Catholic church in England and Wales have written to the Vatican to ask if they can strip Jimmy Savile of what ?
2. Who revealed this week that he had never dug graves before becoming famous ?
3. To whom have the UCI awarded wins in the Tour de France from 1999 to 2005 ? 4. Where was the third televised presidential debate held ?
5. Who was the second person kicked off Strictly Come Dancing ?
6. Which former world leader was rumoured incorrectly to have died last week ?
7. Which programme presented an investigation into which other BBC programme’s decision not to broadcast a damning investigation into Jimmy Savile last year ?
8. Who last week branded Rupert Murdoch a person ‘ of no emotional or ethical thought’ ?
9. Who is the new World Triathlon champion ?
10. How much was Frankie awarded in damages from the Daily Mirror ?
11. Which televangelist publically backed Mitt Romney next week ?
12. What action di the UCI take against Lance Armstrong last week ?
13. Michael Gove sent an open letter to his teacher in which subject, apologizing for his behaviour when he was at school ?
14. Scientists in Italy were jailed last week for failing to predict the severity of the 2009 earthquake where ?
15. Tuesday 23rd October was the 70th anniversary of what ?
16. Frankie Dettori has ended his association with whom or what ?
17. Which team beat Chelsea in the Champions League last week ?
18. An advert for Dior mascara was banned last week. Which actress did it feature ?
19. Which verdict was reached on the inquest into the death of film director Tony Scott ?
20. Which council have introduced pedestrian permits for people to walk through their car parks
21. Disney’s new Princess Sophia has been criticized for what ?
22. Which two teams will contest this year’s baseball world series ?
23. Which former world number 1 tennis player quit tennis last week ?
24. Man Utd. recovered from 2 – 0 down to beat which team in the Champions League ?
25. Which car has been voted the UKs favourite movie car of all time ?
26. Who is starting her first tour of the UK since 1978 ?
27. Which team have been accused by the UK team of cheating in the world Carp Angling Championships ?
28. 170 women have won the right to take which city council to court for not paying them at the same rate as male employees doing the same job ?
29. Which ? Travel named which company as the best hotel chain in Britain ?
30. Last week which country faced criticism for widening its legal definition of treason ?
31. Which politician and artist were both filmed last week doing their own version of Gangnam Style ?
32. What began in Saudi Arabia last week ?
33. The world’s third biggest manufacturer of sportswear announced losses last week, despite involvement with Usain Bolt. Which firm ?
34. The route for what was announced on the 24th October ?
35. Man City were beaten by whom in the Champions League ?
36. According to Forbes List released last week, who is the current top earning dead celebrity ?
37. Which company finally shelved plans for a store in Totnes in Devon last week ?
38. Which TV presenter caused a shock by returning to make a speech to her former school , and saying how badly she had been treated while she was there ?
39. It was announced that which Ford plant will be closing ?
40. Spurs drew 1 – 1 with which team in the Europa League ?
41. Which Gloucester flanker was given a 14 week ban ?
42. What announcement did Audley Harrison make concerning his future last week ?

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