Saturday, 20 October 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Frankie and Benny’s
2. Grace Belgravia
3. Christianity Uncut
4. USS Montpelier
5. Hempstead, New York
6. Richard Hughes
7. Narodam Sihanouk
8. Gary McKinnon
9. Kunsthal Museum, Rotterdam
10. Carlos Slim
11. John Whaite
12. Bring Up The Bodies
13. Dame Janet Smith and Nick Pollard
14. Pivotal Movement
15. Mama Quilla
16. Livestrong
17. Rosie and Ruby Formosa
18. Colin Farmer
19. Susanne Wilkinson
20. George Pratt
21. Mario Menendez
22. Trenton Oldfield
23. Ben Needham
24. Dutch Rabobank

In Other News

1. The last of which former RAF bomber was grounded last week due to escalating costs of insurance for flying it ?
2. Felix Baumgartner jumped from how high in feet ?
3. What speed did he reach, to the nearest 10 mph ?
4. For how long did he freefall ?
5. And how long did the whole jump last ?
6. What was won by Heather Watson ?
7. Who was the first celebrity voted off Strictly Come Dancing ?
8. Who was criticized over a joke about Abu Hamza on HIGNFY ?
9. Who won the Korean GP ?
10. In the final of which event did Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray ?
11. Who is the player coach of Barnet FC ?
12. David Price took precisely 82 seconds to beat whom in a British Heavyweight title fight ?
13. How much does the cheapest ticket for the Rolling Stones in the O2 Arena cost ?
14. Which jailed former newspaper proprietor is due to appear on HIGNFY ?
15. Which comedian is suing the Mirror for calling him a racist ?
16. Quote of the week “I was terrified – it was like hell. “ Who said it ?
17. Who has been criticized for performing a concert in Equatorial Guinea ?
18. Which form will the Scottish Independence vote take ?
19. Which multinational was it revealed don’t pay tax to the UK government because they do not make a profit here ?
20. Which former world champion lost her lottery funding last week ?
21. Why was the England v. Poland football match delayed ?
22. Who will star in next year’s Superbowl half time show ?
23. What was the score in both Belgium v. Scotland, and Croatia v. Wales ?
24. Which veteran European performer performed his first ever show at the Royal Albert Hall ?
25. Which country’s FA have been criticized over the racism home supporters showed towards England’s Under 21 players ?
26. Who was last week reported as being fired from his Radio 2 Folk music show ?
27. – and who has taken over the show ?
28. Who began his High Court Battle for compensation after being wrongly convicted of murder ?
29. What was the score in the England v. Poland qualifier ?
30. Which quality logo has been ditched from its products by Sainsburys ?
31. How many goals has Wayne Rooney now scored for England following his strike against Poland ?
32. Which magazine will be scrapped in print form and only appear online, following 80 years of existence ?
33. Which African state have been elected to the UN Security council despite concerns over its human rights record ?
34. By what was the TV show This Morning hoaxed this week ?
35. Which French actress passed away aged 60 this week ?
36. How much was Ashley Cole fined for his Twitter rant at the FA ?
37. Which cycling team has Mark Cavendish joined ?
38. Which Rugby League club are the subject of a winding up petition ?
39. Who are being targeted for training as potential spies ?
40. Last week a US Court ruled that the descendants of the creator of whom have no rights to him any more ?
41. How many candidates are the BBC including on the shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year ?
42. Who has refused to be interviewed on the Panorama show about Savilegate ?
43. Who branded Francois Hollande an imbecile last week ?
44. Frankel will run its last race in which race ?

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