Saturday, 6 October 2012

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Jenna Louise Coleman
2. Katherine Sara Cox
3. Becky James
4. Keith Vaz
5. Eric Hobsbawm
6. Lord Neuberger
7. Seth Macfarlane
8. April Jones
9. Mark Bridger
10. Dee Coles
11. Lamma IV and Sea Smooth
12. Pegomastax Africanus
13. Orlando Cruz
14. Sean Price
15. Wambuga Wa Nyingi
16. Maria Miller
17. Babel
18. Miguel Cabrera

In Other news

1. What was the final points score in the Ryder Cup ?
2. What did the BBC deny they had covered up ?
3. Which famous label is being sold by EMI ?
4. Which teams contested the Cooperative Rugby League Championship Final ?
5. What was the score in the Spurs v. Man Utd league match ?
6. Which former royal girlfriend was summoned to court for allegedly stealing a painting ?
7. Name the committee responsible for choosing a new Archbishop of Canterbury
8. Which company received criticism for removing all images of women from it’s catalogue for Saudi Arabia ?
9. Which member of the dragons on Dragon’s Den was reported as having suffered a heart attack last week ?
10. Who is singing the theme to the new James Bond film “Skyfall” ?
11. Who was very nearly late for his Ryder Cup Singles match ?
12. Whose guns were auctioned last week ?
13. England were out of the 20/20 cricket world cup after failing to beat which side in their last match ?
14. Where was the first US Presidential TV Debate held ?
15. Who won the Classical Brit award for best International Artist ?
16. Which two word phrase did Ed Miliband ‘borrow’ from the conservatives in his party conference speech ?
17. The Labort Party conference was held in which city ?
18. Celtic beat which team to gain their first ever away win in the Champion’s League ?
19. Which 4 teams contested the 20/20 world cup semi finals ?
20. Which company announced that it will not be extending its sponsorship of UK Athletics ?
21. In Italy, whose more than 400 year old skeleton was supposed to have been discovered ?
22. In the Vatican a man scaled the Dome of St. Peters to protest against what ?
23. What will be going out to tender again following a government miscalculation ?
24. And which transport minister had to announce this miscalculation ?
25. A statue of Jimmy Savile has been taken down in which resort ?
26. Who made an apology to the ECB ?
27. Who holed the putt that ensured that Europe would be keeping the Ryder Cup for two more years ?
28. What was the score in Man City’s match v. Borussia Dortmund ?
29. what was the score in Arsenal’s match v. Olympiakos ?
30. What National day was 4th October – and what World day was 5th October ?
31. Which 1970s icon announced she is returning to the recording studio ?
32. What was the score in Spurs’ game against Panathenaikos ?
33. Which team did England women beat in their 20/20 world cup semi final ?
34. Which club beat Liverpool in their Europa League match ?
35. Which team did Newcastle beat in their Europa League match ?
36. In a poll to commemorate the 5oth anniversary of the release of Love Me Do, which Beatles’ single has emerged as the Nation’s favourite ?
37. Who was finally extradited to the United States ?
38. Which clothes store has announced that it will stock Universal CDs ?
39. Who was announced as the European Athletic Federation’s male Athlete of the Year ?

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