Saturday, 20 October 2012

Back to Breakaway

Out of interest, I only noticed this week that Nick Hancock’s Breakaway is back. this must have been the second week, since I tried to catch up on the iplayer, and I see that yesterday’s episode was number 11 of the series. I tell you why I was looking. If you’re a regular reader you might well remember that I had an audition for the show back in the summer. I wanted to check and see which, if any , of the other people in my audition made it onto the show. None of them were on it this week, but as I say, I may well have missed them last week – shame.

Well, I suppose I could go two ways with this. I could say nasty things about the show because they didn’t use me as a contestant. I’m not that nasty, and I’m not that stupid. AS I think I’ve said before, if we’re honest, I think we all know that none of us has a God given right to be on any particular show, and so if the producers decide that you’re maybe not what they’re looking for, well, that’s just the way it goes. Maybe next series. None of which changes the fact that I really liked this show in the first series, and I’ve seen nothing this week to change my opinion. I like the fact that there’s nothing too complicated about this in terms or rules and gameplay. I like the fact that contestants have to actually come up with answers, rather than guess between three or four multiple choice answers. I like Nick Hancock. As a BBC2 lead in to BBC1’s ever popular Pointless, you can do a hell of a lot worse. Good stuff.


Ben Dutton said...

They've made a few changes to its rules as well, which I think improve it. It's no longer 30 questions, but 25. The lives contestants can no earned are less as well, but if they get a question wrong they can use their life to save the money being culled back to 0.

Londinius said...

Hi Ben

You're right - I noticed the thing with using th elife to save the money, but I wasn't sure whether I could remember them using it last year or not.