Sunday, 29 July 2012

RIP Patricia Owen

It is with great sadness that I report that Patricia Owen, the 2nd Mastermind Champion, has passed away.

Patricia became champion in 1973. Her specialist subject for the first round heat and the final was Grand Opera, and she took Byzantine Art for her semi final subject. Patricia , along with Elizabeth Horrocks, took part in all three tournaments to find an overall champion ; in 1975, where Nancy Wilkinson won a contest between the first 4 champions ; in 1982 where Sir David Hunt won a contest between the first ten champions, and in 2010, where Pat Gibson won a contest between 16 champions from different times during the show's history.

If I may add a personal note here, I had the pleasure of Patricia's company for much of the day of the filming of the heats of the 2010 Champion of Champions series, since we were drawn in the same heat, along with Leslie Grout and Pat, as shown in the photograph alongside. Although it was a great day it was also quite a long one, and I have no doubt that Patricia must have found it tiring. However I found her to be delightful company throughout the day, as sharp as as a tack, with a very engaging sense of humour.

I only met Patricia on that one occasion, and I find myself much saddened by her passing, which I think is a measure of the lady. I extend my deepest sympathy towards her family and friends.


Unknown said...

hi Its Patricia's friend Suzanne's niece,Hilary.Do you know when the funeral is please?

Londinius said...

I'm awfullyy sorry, Hilary, but I don't. However if you email Gavin Fuller of the Mastermind Club he might know. His email is : -
Once again, may I offer my sympathy.

KO said...

Dear Hilary
I think Frances Owen has been trying to contact you.
The funeral is at 1100 on Tuesday 14th August at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St Nicholas, 60 Godolphin Road, London W12 8JW in Shepherd's Bush. Then the burial at Kensal Green then the reception at the church at 1330.
Katharine Owen (daughter)