Saturday, 21 July 2012

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Dwayne Walker
2. Tremseh
3. G4S
4. P5
5. Howard Riddle
6. But First This
7. Nick Buckles
8. Danny Garcia
9. Choc Ice
10. Lester Slate
11. Les Davies
12. Dan Penteado
13. Frank Schleck
14. Rajesh Khanna
15. Richard Zanuck
16. aQuantative
17. Jason Blue
18. Jason Kenny
19. James Holmes
20. Brandt Snedeker
21. Aurora

In Other News

1. It was announced that which chow will close in the West End after 15 years ?
2. What has been announced as the world’s most endangered family of primates ?
3. Who won the Pin Pinter Literary Prize ?
4. Which band are reuniting once again for a live Radio2 broadcast on July 31st ?
5. Who has been appointed as UN Special Envoy for global education ?
6. Which division of the Scottish League will Newco Rangers play in during the coming season ?
7. Who became the 4th different Brit to win a stage of the 2012 Tour de France last week ?
8. Who were told to stop singing by Hyde Park officials ?
9. Which 95 year old actress passed away ?
10. Who was it announced last week will appear on Desert Island Discs ?
11. What are being used as new galleries for the Tate Modern ?
12. What is the top song which makes people feel proud to be British, according to a recent survey ?
13. What happened to disrupt the Tour de France on stage 14 ?
14. What was the result of the controversial Haye v Chisora fight ?
15. Who gave £6.4 million to GM research ?
16. Which two clubs will meet in the RL Challenge Cup Final ?
17. Which Hollywood star gave birth to a little girl ?
18. Who is making a documentary about taking MDMA – the pure form of Ecstasy ?
19. The population of the UK was announced as what last week ?
20. Which member of Deep Purple passed away last week ?
21. Whose private beach was opened to the public last week ?
22. Who has become a director of Crystal Palace FC ?
23. How long did it take the US Olympic team to get from Heathrow to the Olympic Village in Stratford last week ?
24. Which comedian and actor was cleared of speeding last week ?
25. What was revealed as the most popular form of adult communication ?
26. Who plays Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises
27. Last week the British government admitted torturing whom ?
28. A proposal was made last week to impose a toll on which already existing road ?
29. Who many calories are there in a 380 ml bottle of Lucozade energy ? _ Energy drinks came under fire last week for not being as healthy as people believe they are.
30. Which birthday did Nelson Mandela celebrate last week ?
31. Which company reported their first ever quarterly loss ?
32. A ferry sank with loss of life near which island ?
33. Whose former New York apartment has been put up for rent ?
34. PC Simon Horwood was acquitted of manslaughter at which Crown Court ?
35. Who pulled out of the Olympic Tennis Tournament through injury ?
36. Who starts his 100th grand prix this weekend ?
37. Which former England international footballer retired last week ?
38. Which team Sky rider won stage 18 of the Tour de France ?
39. Which journalist and newsreader passed away aged 84 ?
40. Who axed her first performance in a festival in Pontypridd, causing the 1st of three nights of the festival to be cancelled ?
41. It was announced last week that Nazis attempted to kill Winston Churchill using which unlikely device ?
42. Which former England international resigned from his position in the FA coaching set up ?

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