Friday, 13 July 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Adrian Fillary
2. Rufus
3. Fabien Cancellara
4. Jo Pavey
5. Rhys Williams
6. Chuka Umunna
7. Nick Skelton
8. Yohan Blake
9. Marcus Agius
10. Libor
11. Sabine Lisicki
12. Islesborough House, Lerwick
13. Enrique Pena Nieto
14. Bob Diamond
15. Maria de Villota
16. The Lock
17. George Entwhistle
18. YouView
19. Eat, Pray, Laugh
20. Manaf Tlass
21. Carol Hawkins
22. Wren Boswell
23. Sam Warburton
24. Jonathan Marray
25. Leanne Zaloumis

In Other News

1. Where does Damien Hirst plan to build a sculpture nicknamed “The Angel of the West “ ?
2. LA Galaxy, employers of David Beckham, have made a bid for which other English player ?
3. Which member of the Royal Family said that his dad was so helpless with kids that he wouldn’t leave his own children with him on his own ?
4. What was the reason for the protest march in Hong Kong ?
5. Who scored Spain’s goals in the Euro final v. Italy ?
6. Which stage of the Tour de France was won by Mark Cavendish this week ?
7. Which acting Dame will be appearing as a guest star in the next series of Dr. Who ?
8. Who received a 2:1 degree in English Literature and the History of Art from the University of Newcastle ?
9. Last week a claim was made that which world figure died through polonium poisoning ?
10. Who is the new boss at Tottenham Hotspur
11. Which former England cricketer announced his retirement last week ?
12. Which member of the GB Olympic Football squad was taken ill with suspected meningitis ?
13. Who knocked Kvitova, the defending champion, out of the ladies singles at Wimbledon ?
14. Which british racing driver has split with his manager, Anthony Hamilton ?
15. Which notorious criminal suffered a seizure in prison ?
16. Who said that the UK is losing the war on drugs ?
17. Who said that his own kids would fail the Norman Tebbit cricket test ?
18. Comedian Eric Sykes passed away aged 89 . Where was he born ? 19. Last week the core of which sculpture was melted down for scrap ?
20. What is the GB’s target for medals in the London Olympics ?
21. Who has become the first athlete to be selected for both the Paralympics and the Olympics ?
22. Which controversial figure appeared on BBC’s Question Time ?
23. Which was the last bank still to be suffering from online glitches last week ?
24. Who are the world’s 5 highest paid actors ?
25. Claims were made last week that a hundred new paintings by which artist had been discovered ?
26. What caused the terrorist alert on the M6 toll road in Staffordshire ?
27. Where was a copy of Tower Bridge opened last week ?
28. Who will contest the Ladies singles final at Wimbledon ?
29. 40 years after it happened, an inquiry will be launched into what ?
30. Andy Murray is the first british men’s Wimbledon finalist for how many years ?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. He married Jade Jagger
2. Wimbledon’s chief pigeon scarer, a hawk stolen then returned
3. Rider who won the Prologue of the Tour de France
4. Runner who won a European silver medal in the women’s 10,000m
5. New European 400m hurdles men’s champion
6. Labour MP who admitted using cannabis when younger
7. 54 year old rider selected for GB Olympic show jumping team
8. Jamaican athlete who beat Usain Bolt in both 100 and 200m in the Jamaican Olympic trials
9. Barclays Chairman who resigned last week
10. Bank lending rate at the heart of the Barclays scandal
11. Player who knocked Maria Sharapova out of Wimbledon singles
12. Named the world’s best youth hostel
13. Newly elected president of Mexico, although the result is disputed
14. Barclay’s chief exec who resigned
15. Marussia Formula One test driver badly injured in crash
16. Constable painting that sold for over £22 million
17. New Director General of the BBC
18. New BBCTV set top box
19. Farewell tour of Dame Edna Everage
20. Former Syrian Defence Minister who has defected
21. Former PA jailed for swindling her employer, U2’s Adam Clayton
22. Little girl who survived having a pencil removed from her skull
23. 800m runner, only person to successfully appeal against non inclusion in GB Olympic Athletics track and field team.
24. British tennis player in Men’s Doubles final at Wimbledon
25. Admitted smashing the windows in one of Simon Cowell’s homes.

In Other News

1. Ilfracombe
2. Frank Lampard
3. Peter Phillips
4. 15th anniversary of the handover to China
5. Silva – Alba – Torres - Mata
6. 2nd stage
7. Diana Rigg
8. Princess Eugenie
9. Yasser Arafat
10. Andre Villas Boas
11. Mark Ramprakash
12. Daniel Sturridge
13. Serena Williams
14. Paul di Resta
15. Ian Brady
16. Kenneth Clarke
17. Nick Clegg
18. Oldham
19. B of the Bang
20. 48
21. Oscar Pistorius
22. John Lydon
23. Ulster Bank
24. Tom Cruise – Leonardo di Caprio – Adam Sandler – Dwayne Johnson ( The Rock) – Ben Stiller
25. Caravaggio
26. An electronic cigarette on a coach
27. Suzhou, China
28. Serena Willaims v. Agnisezka Radwanska
29. Bloody Sunday
30. 74 years – the last being Bunny Austin in 1938, who lost to Donald Budge

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