Friday, 20 July 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond
2. Kamui Kobayashi
3. James Grout
4. Peter Reeve
5. Dai Greene
6. Mark Boucher
7. Brian Thomas
8. Minnehoma
9. Kristian Rausing
10. Freyja
11. Marie Lennon
12. Brian Moore
13. Ehud Olmert
14. Remy di Gregorio
15. Tommy Connors
16. Adam Gemilli
17. Sundial
18. Chris Froome

Other News

1. Who said that she checks her husband’s phone, even though she trusts him ?
2. Whose death certificate was changed last week from ‘accidental’ to ‘uncertain’ ?
3. What does LIBOR stand for ?
4. Who won the British Grand Prix ?
5. Who won the Wimbledon Ladies doubles ?
6. Who is the captain of the GB Olympic Football squad ?
7. Which Oscar winning actor passed away aged 95 ?
8. Who is the new chairman of the RFU ?
9. How many people watched the Andy Murray final live ?
10. Who won his first ever stage of the Tour de France in stage 9 ?
11. Which famous rugby player signed for London Welsh last week ?
12. Who launched a last minute appeal against his extradition to the USA ?
13. How many swans have died of a mystery illness in a Cardiff park ?
14. Where did the new Trump International Golf Course open ?
15. What happened to the controversial new book about Caravaggio with an alleged 100 newly discovered works ?
16. Who gave up his multi million pound bonus last week ?
17. Who announced that he is giving up appearing in films now ?
18. Who became the first runner to complete his leg of the 2012 torch relay wearing a suit rather than the regulation track suit ?
19. Which college is top of the Cambridge University League tables for results ?
20. What was the final overall result in the England v. Australia one day series ?
21. Driver Mark Webber extended his contract with which F1 team ?
22. Who was sacked from his job as the manager of Kuwaiti football team Al Wasl ?
23. Which phone network caused inconvenience to huge numbers of people when it went down last week ?
24. Which European will be standing as PM for his country again ?
25. Which team have offered £40 million for Luka Modric ?
26. Who said the John Terry case should never have come to court ?
27. Which president has cancelled his planned visit to the 2012 Olympics ?
28. 3 Brits were tragically killed in an accident on which mountain ?
29. Which word has been blocked on China’s most popular social media website ?
30. Which league team will start the football season with a 10 point deduction ?
31. Ben Wishaw will play which character in the new James Bond film “Skyfall” ?
32. The BBC made its final broadcast from where this week ?


Who or what are the following ?

1. Winners of Wimbledon mixed doubles
2. Driver knocked down three of his own pit crew in the British Grand Prix
3. Actor passed away – played boss of Inspector Morse
4. Suspected of shooting off duty police officer Ian Dibell – found dead a couple of days later
5. Chosen as captain of the GB Track and Field Olympic team
6. South African wicketkeeper forced to retire after freak eye injury
7. Former Wales and Neath rugby player, passed away
8. Former Grand National winner, died aged 29
9. Heir to the Tetrapak fortune, arrested in connection with wife’s death
10. Lost cat returned to number 11 Downing St. after 3 years
11. BBC Witlshire reporter forced to apologise to Keith Chegwin after saying that his voice made her feel sick
12. Head of much criticized UK Border Force, stepping down in September
13. Former Israeli PM cleared of corruption charges
14. Cofidis Tour de France rider arrested
15. Traveller jailed for using ‘slave labour’
16. New world junior 100m champion
17. Sculpture stolen from home of Henry Moore
18. British rider riding second in Tour de France to Bradley Wiggins

Other News

1. Jools Oliver
2. Natalie Wood
3. London Inter Bank Offered Rate
4. Webber
5. Williams sisters
6. Ryan Giggs
7. Ernest Borgnine
8. Bill Beaumont
9. 17 million
10. Bradley Wiggins
11. Gavin Henson
12. Abu Hamza
13. 30
14. Balmedie, Aberdeenshire
15. It has been dropped by Amazon
16. Bob Diamond
17. Peter O’Toole
18. Roger Bannister
19. Trinity
20. 4 – 0 – 1 match rained off
21. Mark Webber
22. Maradona
23. 02 24. Sylvio Berlusconi
25. Real Madrid
26. Ashley COle
27. Shimon Peres ( Israel)
28. Mont Maudit
29. Truth
30. Portsmouth
31. Q
32. Bush House

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