Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Japanese University Quiz - Brain World Cup

Another email received today, this from Luke Kelly, of reigning UC champs Manchester University.

Dear Dave,

I thought you might be interested in this unusual Japanese quiz that me and the manchester team were invited onto after winning uni challenge. It's a more varied, hectic version of uni challenge, with arithmetic, geometry and logic as well as general knowledge questions, and 16 teams all competing at the same time. There's a video of last year's one here: Japanese Brain World Cup (NB - the password: bwc). The contestants have live translation, but the show is in Japanese so it might be a bit hard to follow. They are trying to sell it to foreign tv stations, but as it is it's just on Japanese tv. This year's one had our team, Magdalen Oxford, as well as American, French, German, Swiss, South Africa, Korean, Australian and Japanese teams.

Best wishes,

I haven't checked it out yet, and will do so later tonight, but it sounds interesting.


dxdtdemon said...

I wasn't surprised to see MIT go out first. They don't take quizzing too seriously compared to the other prestigious American universities. I'm not sure why they made the next three rounds after the first so easy, but I think that any fan of Only Connect had to love the last round. It was interesting that it looked like many of Dallas Simons's regular [Harvard] teammates were not there, and that probably made the difference in the final round.

Nic said...

It would be good if they sold this to the UK and gave it an English voiceover, a bit like they do with "Ninja Warrior" on Challenge...