Saturday, 30 June 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Adam Gemilli
2. Alex Hales
3. Fernando Lugo
4. Shara Proctor
5. Count Robin Mirlees
6. Troy Deeney
7. Andrew Garfield
8. Elena Vesnina
9. The Elizabeth Tower
10. Viva Forever
11. Cait Reilly
12. Jamie Hampton
13. Pamira Paszek
14. Kathleen Simpson
15. Eric Holder
16. Lukas Rosol
17. Micah Richards
18. Raymond Mawby
19. Thriller
20. Simon Konecki
21. Penny Palfrey
22. Agnieshka Radwanska
23. Robbie Grabbarz

In Other News

1. Which two players missed penalties for England in the match v. Italy in the quarter final of the Euro ?
2. What was the score in the Spain v. France quarter final ?
3. Who won the European GP ?
4. Who ran Lewis Hamilton off the road during the European GP ?
5. What was the score in these third test rugby matches – Wales v. Australia ? – England v. South Africa – Ireland v. New Zealand
6. Rowan Williams particularly criticized David Cameron over his use of which phrase ?
7. Syrian forces shot down a fighter jet belonging to which country ?
8. Which British star was awarded her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week ?
9. Which country carried out their first ever docking in space last week ?
10. A stolen bust of whom was recovered last week ?
11. Which country announced that it would allow its women to compete in the Olympics ? In the event, none actually qualified .
12. Who signed a one year deal as player coach with Gloucester ?
13. In which city did Seb Coe carry the Olympic torch in the relay ?
14. Which is the latest EU country to ask for a bail out ?
15. In which English town was there violence reported after the England Italy penalty shootout ?
16. Which 3 teams announced their opposition to the reformed Glasgow Rangers starting in the Scottish Premier League ?
17. Which player did Andy Murray beat, who then complained about being given 11 foot faults ?
18. The 3p increase in fuel duty has been delayed until when ?
19. Who claims he’d rather kill himself if he was found to be suffering from dementia ?
20. In which London store have cleaners been protesting about low rates of pay ?
21. Which bank were the first to be discredited for rigging interest rates ?
22. Wild fires raged in which US state last week ?
23. Which writer and director died last week ?
24. Who signed a 4 year deal with his club, just days before being ruled out from the GB Olympic football squad through injury ?
25. Who retained his European 5000m title ?
26. Which city is hosting the European Athletics Championships ?
27. Where were huge Olympic rings unveiled last week ?
28. Which charges were dropped against Silvio Berlusconi last week ?
29. Which rare occurrence happened at the end of June ?
30. Where was the Memorial to Bomber Command opened ?
31. Who was acquitted of one charge of genocide last week ?
32. How long did it take Fifty Shades of Grey to sell 1 million paperbacks in the UK – it has broken the record set by the Da Vinci Code
33. Which Hollywood couple announced they are to divorce due to their irreconcilable differences ?
34. What British institution celebrated its 75th birthday this weekend ?


dxdtdemon said...

First of all, I'd like to say that I enjoy these quizzes not just so that I can see what the important headlines in the UK are any given week, but also to see what US headlines manage to cross the pond. I was just curious if whatever source of news you use to create this quiz found the nine state (MO, IL, IN, KY, OH, PA, WV, VA, and MD) and District of Columbia power outage that started on Friday newsworthy or not, especially since they included the wildfires that you put in your quiz. I feel lucky that I live in a region of western Ohio that managed to get its power back quickly, as many parts of these nine states and district will have to celebrate their independence from the UK on Wednesday without power.


Londinius said...

Hi Jonathon

I use three British national newspapers each day, and also listen to the BBC radio news. As regards the power outtage I don't recall reading or hearing about that last week on any of my news sources.

Have a good day on Wednesday !

dxdtdemon said...

Thank you. I hope that your week is full of good weather and electricity, and that none of your opponents use their smartphone during a pub quiz.